During the pandemic, many companies experienced a change in technology priorities. Digitalization has gradually penetrated into all areas of organizational activity and has become their natural stage, and the recruitment technology development is not an exception. 
To analyze the future of HR technologies, we will discuss the following questions:

  1. Benefits of Recruitment Technology 
  2. Top 5 Advancements in Recruiting Technology 
  3. Recruiting Technology: Key Tools in 2020

Let’s find out the most interesting details!

Benefits of Recruitment Technology 

Today, without the automation of HR processes, it is difficult to build effective work for the best crypto startups like Safetrading, medium-sized companies, and large corporations.
The development of HR technologies solves a wide range of tasks and has a number of advantages. 

Faster Screening

Using technology for recruiting helps to find out all the important information about the future employee much faster. Many large companies will simply screen samples of work, profiles on social networks, which allows you to quickly see the details you need without spending hours in front of a resume.

Remove Bias in Hiring Practices

Technologies work according to the initially set data, which helps to eliminate the well-known human factor when a manager does not consider your candidacy simply because you “looked at him wrong.”

Remote Hiring in New Realities 

With the advancement of recruitment technology, you don’t even have to come for an interview. It is enough just to provide all the data on experience, past work, achievements, and so on, and the program will figure out whether you are suitable or not.
These technologies were especially good during the pandemic in 2020 when not leaving the house was not that convenient, but rather safe.

Improved Operations in the HR Department 

The introduction of information HR-technologies solves a wide range of tasks and has a number of advantages. 
First, it gets rid of the routine. HR specialists can concentrate on performing important tasks requiring a creative approach, as well as building communications between company employees, their non-material motivation, and creating a comfortable atmosphere in the team.
Secondly, an important step in this direction is the digitization of KPIs, that is, the ability to track the productivity of each employee, analyze the decline in activity and take measures to improve performance as quickly as possible.
That is why, if you think your HR department may operate better, it is time to look for the web development services offered by many companies like MLSDev. 

Top 3 Advancements in Recruiting Technology 

It’s no secret that the world is ruled by those companies that follow global trends in recruitment. They are rapidly introducing new solutions, including in the HR field. This is what helps companies remain market leaders and work with the best people. 
Let’s take a look at the TOP 3 technologies that are used in this area.

1. Artificial Intelligence as Main Recruitment Technology 

The trend is definitely the first out of the most discussed ones. The fact that high technologies are taking over the world and are about to replace the classic HR processes is now being talked about everywhere.
Bots for recruitment, programs that may “predict” the employee you need based on your requirements, etc. – are very useful tools, on the one hand, but expensive as well.
Nevertheless, all these technologies are effective only for mass recruiting and cannot become a full-fledged replacement for an HR specialist.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots – programs that imitate human behavior when communicating with one or more interlocutors – can also be used in business.
Thanks to chatbots, you no longer have to enter hundreds of words of text in special fields. It will be enough to write down what you need to find – and the system will understand everything. Moreover, it allows you to communicate in the most convenient way for you.

3. Virtual Reality

For a long time, virtual reality was something unbelievable. And now it is available. Many companies train their engineers and technicians using virtual or augmented reality. 
The new technology in recruitment is used, for example, to organize a virtual tour of the company for candidates or new employees who came to work on their first day.

Recruiting Technology: Key Tools in 2020

Now we will discuss in more detail the technological innovations that you can use when looking for new employees or improving the work of your team.

Job Aggregators

These recruitment platforms are no longer a novelty for all of us. 
Using the job aggregator software, you can view job offers in a specific city, company, or field of activity. Among the most popular ones are Indeed, CareerBuilder, Google For Jobs, etc.

Candidate Testing & Assessment

According to statistics, about 60% of companies test candidates before offering them a position in their company. They test their personal qualities, knowledge, capabilities, potential, and so on.
Among the well-known tools for testing and assessment are HackerRank, Pymetrics, Self Management Group, and other ones.

AI & Automation 

In this article, we have already talked enough about recruiting AI, so you know for sure that programs like Ideal, Textio, and Zoom.ai greatly facilitate not only the search and recruitment of new employees but also the work of an existing team.

Tracking Systems

Such services help companies search for employees by criteria. Roughly speaking, the system scans millions of profiles and resumes to find someone who matches the company’s requirements.
The most popular applicants tracking tools used in recruitment are:

  1. Bullhorn
  2. Greenhouse
  3. SAP SuccessFactors
  4. iCIMS
  5. Jobvite
  6. Lever
  7. SmartRecruiters
  8. Breezy HR
  9. JazzHR
  10. Workable
  11. Taleo
  12. Workday

Software for Video Interviews

We have already mentioned the fact that online recruiting has become very popular, especially during the pandemic. The following recruitment software help companies conduct online interviews:

  1. ConveyIQ
  2. HireVue
  3. Spark Hire
  4. Wepow
  5. VidCruiter

CRMs for Recruitment 

Some of these services combine tracking, video interviews, and profile scanning. The recruitment management system will help you find a candidate, check his strengths and weaknesses, conduct interviews, various surveys, and so on. The most convenient ones are SmashFly, Yello, Avature, Beamery, and Ascendify.

 Software for Human Capital Management

The services like BambooHR, Zenefits, and Namely will help you bring your new employee up to date. Such programs consider the pay of employees, benefits, implement them in the company, and help learn the corporate culture.

Bottom Line: Importance of Recruitment Technology

Today, many digital businesses are moving into real industries and taking market share from the largest traditional companies. 
Therefore, for the future to be bright, today you need to think about the strategy, leadership, and culture of the company; about how you train people, where you are looking for the best specialists. 
Routine transactional things like recruiting, office-related operations will all be done by machines. People need to focus on more important and creative things.

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay