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In the contemporary business environment, the HR departments have to manage sensitive information and massive duties related to its workforce. It is observed that latest technology can help the human resources officials to effectively manage the tasks of recruitment, payroll, and performance evaluation. The high-tech tools allow the HR to engage with employees on better grounds. Here I have discussed five options that businesses can implement regardless of their size and structure: 

Zoho People

If you have limited employees in your organization, then you will be happy to know that the Zoho People is available online and free to use for up to 5 employees. Beyond that limit, an organization has to pay monthly charges for the increased number of employees. Zoho People offers plenty of useful features to its users. They include payslip generation, time tracker, performance appraisal cycle, benefits administration, leave management, attendance management, employee service, on-boarding, employee database management, travel management, and employee separation.  I have personally found employee self-service feature very impressive. It lets employees update personal data, view attendance sheet, add log time, collaborate through shared feeds, export personal data, view leave reports, review compensation reports, request for casual leaves, access important announcements, and claim medical reimbursement.


The Gusto allows the HR personnel to transform the whole recruitment process into more effective, efficient, and paperless process. With gusto, everything has been made easy from sending offer letters to newly appointed employees and getting them on onboard. This tool allows the users to sign up the employees on a common online platform for benefits, compensations, and payroll. As a result, the HR officials can easily manage the employees’ record while tracking their off requests and operational performances. They are able to conduct effective employee surveys and create formalized organizational charts. Gusto offers admin modules to integrate diverse range software within the organization like accounting, time tracking apps, CRM, and much more. 


This HR tech tool is well-renowned in the market for its strong record-keeping feature. It supports biometric and electronic signatures that helps the HR personnel to avoid upholding the record of paper copies. Now, they don’t have to work on the tedious task of getting paperwork signed. BambooHR offers its services for the recruiting department as it allows the recruiters to track the job applicants and filter out notable resumes thoughtfully. With BambooHR, HR get to manage performance reviews, approve leave requests, and efficiently create custom workflows. This software is best suited for small-medium enterprises. 

Mobile Processors

In contemporary markets, the providers are offering protected ways to process the credit card transactions from your cellphone. You may find this odd that what the mobile credit card processors are doing on my list? But don’t you get confused. The mobile credit card processing allows the businesses to secure credit card transactions by using a smartphone. Contact the service provider as they will guide you best on how the HR department can use mobile processing system. This latest tech tool let the HR officials to track all the credit transactions that has been made to employees in the form of their payroll, bonuses, paid leaves, compensations, insurances, gratuity funds, provident funds, and medical reimbursements.  


Zenefits has to offer modern HR modules to help the human resources team to speed up the tasks related to conducting interviews, recruiting, hiring, onboarding employees, record-keeping, reporting, evaluating performances, etc. It offers wider and powerful features for time tracking, payroll processing, and regulatory compliance. Not only this, an organization can announce “mobile-first mindset” and provide Android and iOS apps for checking insurance details to clock in and out. It’s a great tool for a company with the employees who spend a lot of time on the road to attract new and retain old customers.

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