Today, all brands are investing more than ever in customer satisfaction and the leaders are investing even more in employee satisfaction. Pioneers like Google, Amazon and Volkswagen are convinced that, beyond being trained, teams must have the desire to create exceptional customer experiences. This desire goes through internal satisfaction. 

Do you know the symmetry of attention?  This principle tells us that the quality of the relationship between the company and its customers is equal to the quality of the relationship between the company and its employees. Companies that make their employees happy would better satisfy their customers. In the case of the Customer-Centric company, and the use of customers reviews to motivate and involve its employees, it becomes interesting to approach this notion. Knowing that it is  easier to reproduce a behavior that we have already received, a fulfilled and motivated employee would be fully at the service of customer satisfaction. 

Retailers tend to become customer centric brands and put the customer at the heart of their strategy. They are winners because all their actions are guided by customer needs and feedback. These actions therefore succeed in satisfying and retaining the customer.

All hierarchical levels are therefore involved in the customer centric approach. If the headquarters teams do not serve consumers directly, they serve internal consumers who in turn will serve external consumers. These are the employees, more specifically the contact teams. If the latter are satisfied, they will succeed in completing a virtuous circle of customer centricity . As a result, employee centricity takes precedence over customer centricity.

Satisfied employees are the primary source of customer satisfaction. Satisfied contact teams offer a better quality of service to customers and with more pleasant support. This support will create satisfying experiences, increase loyalty and boost sales. Conversely, a tense atmosphere or dissatisfied employees directly impact sales and do not make customers want to frequent the brand.

Giving teams the necessary tools and developing their skills are the means to increase their satisfaction, their productivity and the quality of their service. Google is undoubtedly the exemplary brand in terms of employee satisfaction. The Googlers enjoy an environment of work healthy  within the Googleplex, the opportunity to work on projects of passion etc… All in an atmosphere of innovation, high productivity and fun at work.

A good customer experience begins with an excellent employee experience. To know about “Why is employee satisfaction essential?” read the below infographic from Maiden Stride.