In the modern age, it seems like there’s an app to track every aspect of one’s life. From sleep cycles to financial health to calorie counters, there are programs that create graphics and data points to help incentivize positive habits. 

While staying fit and financially stable is useful across the board, poor work habits can cost entire companies a great deal. Fortunately, there are apps to help train an entire workforce to be more mindful of their time and give them strategies for more a efficient work life (and personal life). 

Time Management Apps

Time management is one of the most difficult aspects to master for any professional. Prioritizing specific projects, avoiding time sucks, and working efficiently can prove to be a challenge. With all the digital distractions like consistent emails in your inbox and social media notifications, it is miraculous that anyone gets any work done at all.

 One study shows that only about 60% of the average employees work day is spent on work activities. A more shocking statistic says that Americans, while engaging in work for an average of 8.8 hours per day, only spend about 2 hours and 50 minutes of that time on actual productive projects. Not surprisingly, distractions, like reading the news online and going on social media, were quoted as having the largest effect on work productivity.

It is likely that most employees do not even realize they are spending that much time away from their work tasks. A tracking app called RescueTime performs an assessment of exactly how much time is spent on distractions and how much spent on the task at hand. The intention is not to shame anyone, but perhaps, by giving an employee metrics, it can demonstrate ways to avoid common pitfalls and be more focused.

Planning Apps

A good deal of the average workday is spent planning future work activities — these can be approached more effectively with tracking applications.

  • Scheduling meetings: Clara is an app that manages scheduling and changes so that meetings are run efficiently. Though designed with HR and interviews in mind, Clara can be a lifesaver for any professional who often needs to put together representatives from multiple teams.

  • Worry-free travel: Traveling is stressful, but apps like FlightView flight tracker can keep tabs on how your plane (or a client’s plane) is faring. When going from place to place it’s also crucial to know the weather. Apps like Accuweather may give you a heads up on what to wear for an important meeting.

While there are a number of apps that can specifically apply to making the workplace more productive, better sleep habits, financial health, and weight loss are tangentially related to workplace efficiency too. Check out the tracking apps visual from Panda Security below to learn more about how it is possible to focus your entire life by gaining better access to data.

20 Tracking Apps to Help Reach Your Goals

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