Over the past few years, Millennials have dictated the pace of the recruitment landscape: fast, and dynamic. This generation has completely vacated the classic recruiter-job seeker relationship.

The advent of the Internet also amplified this change by introducing tools like job search sites and apps to easily put themselves in the job market through uploading their resumes online and building portfolios.

With this, recruiters must update their skills to adapt to the new set of job seekers. It will not only benefit themselves but also their companies in the long run. Given that millennials are expected to dominate the workforce in 2018 by 50%, it is crucial to align recruitment strategies and skills with the lifestyle and work style of this booming generation.

With the applications and devices ready for job searching in an instant, technology skills are a must. It is essential to know how to use tools like Twitter, Pulse, and Flipboard.

This infographic by Manila Recruitment focuses on the skills a recruiter must have to keep up with the recruiting trends in 2017:


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