Have you ever heard of The Five Hour Workday? It’s written by the founder of Tower Paddle Boards where, you guessed it, they only have a five hour workday. Most of us who are used to at least an eight hour workday may think that’s crazy, but the author explains how it has improved his company’s business operations, employee performance, and more.

Though most of us will never have a five hour workday, there is something to say about working more productive hours rather than longer hours. No matter how long you sit at your desk, if little to no work is getting done (or the work is subpar), you may as well not be working at all.

So how do you boost productivity and performance? Scientists have done many studies on what the optimal work environment, workflow, and break structure is. To give you some ideas about what you can do to enhance your productivity, GetVoIP put together this infographic on science-backed productivity hacks.

If you’re feeling stuck at work, give one (or more) of these a try!

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