They say a happy workforce is an effective workforce, and if you treat your employees correctly and look after them, they will perform well and take care of you in return. But is this actually true?

Research shows that employees that are happy in their roles, and are happy at work, perform better than employees that demonstrate a lack of satisfaction within their role. In fact, they perform 12% better. Employee mindset plays a big part in how your team will perform.

Efficiency is a key area for business owners, managers, and organisational leaders, especially as growth amongst workplace productivity is currently at a 250 year low. If we’re honest, we’d all like to get more done, get more from our workforce and improve output, within the same amount of time or even in less time.

What if we told you that you can increase workplace productivity by looking at the two areas we’ve mentioned? When you combine mindset changes and increase efficiency, productivity will rise. So how can this be done? WD Storage have been in touch with some productivity and mindset experts within business to find out their best tips and advice for increasing productivity, improving motivation and shaping mindset.

Following these tips from various wellbeing and productivity experts could well be the key to transforming your individual work and the output of your business as a whole.

When looking at efficiency, there have been some great technological advances in the last few decades that have provided us with ways in which we can work smarter. However, the improvements of technology have also increased procrastination levels. We can spend a lot of time filtering through emails and not actually working on anything. Experts advise aiming to keep your inbox empty. Knowing that your inbox is empty keeps you away from scrolling through. This will also mean that when you do receive emails, you can get through them quicker.

Prioritise your tasks to be done when you’re most and least productive. We’re more productive in the morning, so getting through important tasks at the start of the day means we’re more likely to get things done. We’re least productive from 4-6pm and 2-4pm. Working on tasks of less importance such as admin and email clean up during these times will help save our more productive times for more important items.

As mentioned, happy workers are more productive. So how can you keep yourself and your employees happy? Experts advise making time for training.

Training and continuous learning provides a sense of investment. When you invest in your work and you gain knowledge, and then put that into practice, there is a sense of achievement and also excitement. This will increase happiness within the workplace that will help with improving mindset, efficiency and general productivity.

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