As fulfilling as working in HR is, it can be an isolating experience working at a tangent from your company’s main business. If you’re working alone, getting started in the morning can prove a real challenge – so many distractions, and so much work piling up that it can be intimidating to even go there. This is why it’s good to maintain an arsenal of self-motivation techniques to keep you on track.

One approach is to exploit the power of technology. Development wizards out there have excelled recently in one particular, broad area: life cheats. If a lot of folk have a problem with a specific part of their daily routine, the wisest developers soon pounce in it and provide a digital solution., for example, is a website and app that enables people to create ‘commitment contracts’ with themselves. These legally binding contracts release pre-approved sums of money from the user’s account to other individuals or charities if the user fails to keep to their stated schedule. Of course, you don’t want to end up paying cash for being at work – but even setting up a small, token amount for a charity you care about is a way to keep you engaged with what you’re doing. You become more aware of those moments ticking by when you’re not working.

Another really great, simple device is Pomodoro Time. Utilizing a system developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, Pomodoro Time breaks down your day into intervals of work and rest, with alarms set up to let you know when you can take a break – and when you need to start work again. It’s surprisingly effective, and also valuable for reinforcing the need to take proper breaks!

For a host of other motivational techniques, both technological and otherwise, check out this new infographic from NetCredit. It will help you to fulfill your potential as you work to help others fulfill their own.


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