Many of us have spent a long time working from home since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, whether that has meant having Zoom meetings in children’s bedrooms or trying to finalize important reports on the kitchen table, surrounded by the breakfast dishes. But if you’ve settled into the working from home routine and want to do more of it instead of heading back to the office, there are ways to make it a happier and more productive experience.

Making WFH work for you means doing the preparation first and making the most of the flexibility that it offers to benefit not only yourself but also your employers. Try planning your work schedule around your natural energy levels instead of sticking rigidly to the 9-5 routine that we’ve always been made to work around, no matter whether it suits us. So why not try and work out your energy levels across the day and plan your routine around them?

Avoiding disturbances is also key, especially if you’ve got young children around who might walk into your video calls or distract you while you’re trying to focus on your work. So why not keep the door closed and try using a traffic light system with colored pieces of card to let family know when you can and can’t be disturbed?

If you’re having to work around the demands of family life, that can mean needing to work in different rooms at times, but productivity experts recommend working in the same space every day so that your brain associates that space with work. If you move around, that process has to start every day. 

Another way to stay happy and productive while you work is to make sure your working space is pleasant and adding greenery does just that as well as filtering the air, helping you manage stress, focus your energy and increase your productivity. Of course, you also need to keep in touch with actual humans in order to avoid feeling isolated, so be sure to schedule in regular contact with colleagues.

Now that you’ve seen some of the tips for making your working from home experience more enjoyable and productive, which ones will you be implementing to improve your home office?

Courtesy of: Headway Capital