You have the right professional mindset if you have the motivation to achieve the short-term goal of nailing a promotion in an attempt to climb the proverbial corporate ladder. 

Most, if not all, employees seem to always find the tough road in their quest for the next higher position. While a better pay can be a good enough motivation, you should always take a step back and see the bigger picture to know which path to take. 

Relying on your skills can only take you so far since there are a lot more factors to consider when you wish to fast-track your promotion. Knowing the right combination will help you move up quicker so that you could have better pay, bigger responsibilities, and more meaningful work.

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But before you step up to the plate, you should know that making that advancement isn’t always as straightforward as you think. You will need to be in the right position at the right time in an increasingly complex game as you try to move forward in your career. 

Is there a standard way of achieving this? Maybe not, but there is a guideline that you could follow to boost your success rate in climbing the next rung of that ladder. 

According to a US Bureau of Labor Statistics study, professionals have a higher chance of being promoted when they participate in trainings compared to those who do not. It also revealed that you are most likely to get promoted in the first two to five years on the job. If you combine these two, you can focus on doing what it takes to get promoted early on while dedicating yourself to improving your skills. 

Keep in mind that it’s going to be an uphill battle, with fresh talent or co-workers getting in the way by being more deserving the eyes of your superiors. However, the competition won’t be as fierce if you are armed with the right strategy to successfully nab that promotion. 

Once you nail these tips right in the head, you can fast-track your way to the next higher position in no time.

[Infographic] How to Fast-Track Your Way to Promotion