Finding yourself in the center of a business district will give you the familiar scene of professionals walking about, with some hurriedly trying to make it to their scheduled appointments.

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But among this sea of employees, what catches your eye are the select few who look sharp in the way dress and carry themselves as they take one calculated step after the other.

The first thing that often comes to your mind is he or she must be an important, high-ranking officer working at one of the big companies nearby. More often than not, you are right.

They may not admit it, but most folks gain their first impression of others through their appearance, especially when it comes to business. Over the years, professionalism has been increasingly correlated with the proper attire, giving those you interact with a visual representation of who you are and what you do. 

What you wear exudes a certain air of competence and sophistication that lets people know you mean business. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t think this is necessary, but what they don’t know is power dressing indeed has huge benefits. 

It’s hard to imagine seeing a doctor who is dressed inappropriately—in bermuda shorts and a t-shirt unless it’s in an emergency situation aboard a plane while the physician is on his way to a vacation. It’s far more reassuring to consult with one in a white coat in a clinic or hospital setting.

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With other people’s perception dependent on how you dress, you should know what you are going to wear on specific occasions. This will help you nail that dream job, asking for a salary or promotion you’ve long been waiting for. Keep in mind that first impressions last. On that note, here is an essential style guide to power dress your way to success.

[Infographic] Clothes and Career: How Power Dressing Can Help You Move Up