Everyone knows that a happy worker is a productive worker, and that being productive at work makes your boss happy, which makes them treat you better, which makes you even happier. But actually finding ways to be more productive is the trick.

A Harvard study has found that pre-performance rituals are helpful when it comes to challenging tasks, because they reduce the anxiety that affects job performance in general.

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The likes of Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey have daily rituals that they say have helped them achieve the considerable success both have enjoyed in their careers.

Here are some rituals that you could try to incorporate into your working day:

1. A cold shower

Having a short, sharp blast of cold water in the morning increases your blood circulation and releases endorphins, both of which helps to make you happier and more productive.

2. Take a break from your emails

Instead of getting straight into your emails when you get to work, why not avoid the distractions and focus on any key tasks you need to achieve first?

3. Switch on airplane mode

Our mobile phones are a major cause of distractions during the working day, so if you have to focus, switch on airplane mode. Studies show that people who block out things that distract them are more productive.

4. Practice mindfulness

Research shows that workers who practice mindfulness techniques in the workplace perform better in their jobs. They help to ease stress and you can do them sitting at your desk by simply counting your breaths.

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5. Write it all down

Keeping a journal and writing down important details has been shown to activate the left side of your brain, which improves memory and can be very helpful before a big presentation.

6. Take breaks

Having a five minute break after 25 minutes of work makes you work to strict timing and keeps your mind fresh and focused for working through your task list.

7. Meditate

Studies have demonstrated that meditation helps to ease psychological stress and makes you a better multitasker, both of which are important if you want to boost your productivity at work.

8. Do a quick work-out

Exercise stimulates the development of new mitochondria within your cells, which gives you more physical and mental energy, so try fitting a quick five minute work-out into your day and enjoy the results.

9. Ground your feet and flex your fingers and toes

A very simple one to do at your desk, this helps you come back to your body and will enable you to stay calm in stressful working situations.

You can read more about these techniques and the science behind them in this infographic from Pound Place. Which ones will you try first?

9 Daily Rituals That Will Boost Your Performance At Work

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