Games tables are increasingly popular in today’s offices, with workplace managers and HR staff only recently becoming fully aware of the benefits they offer.

From new city start-ups to global technology corporations like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, savvy office managers are installing games tables for their employees to use. The benefits, as explained by Liberty Games in this comprehensive infographic, are obvious.

Those in high-stress jobs can benefit massively from a daily 10-minute games break. More than half of senior executives now say that they take regular games breaks at work to reduce stress, reinvigorate themselves and get away from the screen.

Regular games-playing also has beneficial psychological effects. Memory is improved, concentration is sharpened and even the ageing process is slowed. We don’t need to tell you that a workforce with improved cognition and memory is a huge benefit to any company.

In a large company with a diverse and varied workforce, social games-playing builds relationships and gets employees used to working together. They’ll be able to coordinate their efforts on your next big project better if they’re a regular doubles team on the foosball table. These tables also bring staff together as equals. On the pool table, even the CEO can be soundly beaten by an intern with a talent for the game.

Another major benefit is in attracting and retaining new talent. Potential new recruits will be delighted when they are shown the games room, and will know that this is a company that takes workforce welfare and cooperation to the next level. More interest in your company means more applicants, so you really can take your pick of the bunch.

Check out the infographic for all the stats and facts on office games tables. For more information, Liberty Games’ experienced staff can advise you on the best options for your office:

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