We’ve seen a lot of developments in the way that office spaces are run over the past few years – some highly technical, some cultural, others frankly fun-oriented (anyone for ping-pong?). In one way or another, each of these innovations has had, at its heart, the aim of improving productivity. Some involve tools to help certain tasks get done quicker and better; others are aimed at reducing stress or employee turnover, ensuring that team members turn up to their desks morning after morning to give their best.

The desk itself has seen relatively little change (unless you’re hot-desking and it changes every day). Computers take up less space and there’s less paper floating about. But if you want to revolutionize the way your employee’s use their workspace, it’s best to start with the details.

For one thing, try to make sure they have as much light as possible. Workers in a recent study got around 45 minutes extra sleep per night when they were treated to proper access to natural light during work hours – just imagine how that well-rested crew is performing now. Have a look at your office and think about how it can be arranged to get more people closer to external windows, and where such changes aren’t possible, think about investing in SAD lights for those who currently lurk in the shadows.

Judicious use of real plants can add to the natural feel, encouraging a creative atmosphere with their bold green leaves, helping staff to relax, and keeping the atmosphere fresh. Get a few for around the room, and encourage your staff to buy them for their own desks too. It’s amazing what a big change this little tweak can make.

For a few more great ideas on how to improve your team’s desk-life, check out this new infographic. Offices are changing all the time, but people are people – and they will respond positively to an environment that’s designed for their wellbeing and productivity.

12 Desk Hacks To Make Your Employees More Productive

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