A Good Employer Brand equals BETTER Talent, LOWER Turnover, and GREATER Business ROI. So where do we start to improve ours? Let’s look at 10 things you can start doing (or just do more of) today to build an employer brand your competitors will be jealous of.

1. Actively post meaningful content on social media that candidates care about. It doesn’t really matter what the company wants to broadcast unless it aligns with what candidates care about too.

2. Get your jobs listed on Google for Jobs.

3. Connect with potential candidates on social media before they start applying. Show them you care about them before you trying to convince them to work there. 

4. Build a strong EVP (Employee Value Proposition). This is what a company offers not just in terms of compensation and benefits but things like career development opportunities, a caring team of people they can enjoy working with, environment, etc.

5. Give and receive candid feedback.

     a) Provide candidates with feedback to show the company’s interest in their personal development.

     b) Ask for their feedback in order to continually improve your brand and recruitment process. 

6. Involve employees from all areas of your company in the creation and reinforcing of the brand. This helps with buy-in when people feel like they were part of defining it. 

7. Share current employee stories, customer testimonials, and other company experiences, especially via social media. 

8. Provide clear and precise job descriptions that tug at the candidate’s needs and wants, not a boring set of requirements and bland duties. Now, you don’t want to say things that aren’t true, but take the time to make it interesting to candidates.

9. Geofence your competitor’s physical building to poach their employees by showing them ads about why your company has an amazing employer brand and is THE place to work.

10. Streamline and simplify the application experience to increase how many people complete an application. The longer and more complicated things are for candidates, the more likely the either won’t even apply.

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