Wearable Technology And Work, Hiring New Managers, Building a Change Management Framework And New Engagement Stats #FridayFinds

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Touching on HR technology, leadership, change management and employee engagement statistics, these are this week’s most popular articles:

Pic Reports: Wearable Technology And Work

A relatable article on the benefits and potential dangers of technology in the workplace, namely wearables. As the enterprise wearables market is expected to reach 18Bn by 2019, current HR applications vary from stress management and monitoring to productivity and employee management.

While tracking and monitoring employees through technology is an immense step forward, there are also privacy and ethics issues to be discussed.

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How to Know If Someone Is Ready to Be a Manager

What do you look for when hiring a new manager? To answer this very important question, you have to look at the exact nature of the management position you’re offering, as Harvard Business Review writer Anna Ranieri suggests.

Learn how to select the best new management hire with these practical pointers from Dr. Jim Mitchell, former Vice President at Oracle Laboratories and Martin Brauns, retired chair and CEO of Interwoven Inc. .

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9 Key Considerations for Building a Change Management Framework

Every company goes through continuous, moderate changes. However, the tendency has shifted towards bold, significant business decisions such as restructuring or M&A, marked by challenging economic conditions.

In significant changes such as these, it’s essential to have a solid change management plan that can help you engage your organization to get buy-in on your new direction.

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Based on Quantum Workplace’s 2016 Employee Engagement Trends survey, the infographic shows the changes in engagement drivers over the past few years, for different demographics.

Some highlights include:

  • In 2013, 68% of employees were engaged, a number that dropped to 65.3% in 2015.
  • Having leaders who are committed to making the organization a great place to work is the number one factor driving engagement.
  • 72% of men and 67.9% of women are engaged, but just 40.9% of employees of another gender identity are.
  • While 77.6% of new employees are engaged, that declines to 63.2% by year 6 of employment.

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