Office Perks Are Dumb, Business Wellness Programs, Digital Workspaces And Investing in Office Tech #FridayFinds

After what has been a very productive week for us, with the launch of our new white paper on improving the employee experience using people analytics, we’re happy that it’s Friday again!

Here are this week’s best HR & Workplace articles:

Office Perks Are Dumb

It’s a thought that has definitely crossed our collective mind at some point. Rebecca Greenfield digs deeper into the culture of office perks, where it all started and how companies are now relying on this strategy to retain and motivate young talent.

It seems that this tech/startup culture has now found its way into the advertising industry, where turnover is high. However, as Millennials themselves will tell you, it’s doomed to fail if its main goal is to mask bad management practices and poor salaries.

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Meet the Wellness Programs That Save Companies Money

If you’re skeptical about wellness programs and their return on investment when it comes to actual business revenues and employee morale, this HBR article will surely change your mind.

Wellness believers can also enjoy it, as it dives into what type of programs deliver business results and how they are best implemented. Spoiler alert, “it’s programs that prevent at-risk employees from becoming ill and help chronically ill employees stabilize their conditions.”

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The Future Of Digital Workspaces Means More Meaningful Collaboration

It’s hard to overlook the flexibility and autonomy that comes with digital workplaces, just as it is almost impossible to open this subject without diving into the benefits of face-to-face communication. In fact, a recent report from researchers in Berlin based on an eight year study, found that people who enjoy ‘full and unrecorded’ autonomy over how they manage their work put in an extra seven hours each week.

Larry Alton argues that professional collaboration will be most successfully hosted in a digital environment and I think he’s right.

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6 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Office Tech

Speaking of digital workplaces, as technology advances, HR practitioners have to make informed decisions on what the right solutions for their companies are.

Elizabeth Dukes, Co-founder and EVP of iOFFICE, shares six questions savvy business leaders should ask before investing in office tech, such as what’s the true cost of that solution?

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