Finding the right candidate to join your team is extremely important. The person you hire today will contribute to your company’s success or failure, so take the time to process each candidate properly. To ensure you are bringing in someone effective who will add value to your business, here are some tips to finding the right candidate.

Clear Criteria

When posting a job opening, make sure the criteria and requirements are clear. This helps narrow applicants down to those you really want. This also helps cut down time used to sort through applications and helps you focus on those who are best qualified for the job.

Focus on Evidence of Accomplishments When Interviewing

It is normal for a candidate to list all their acquired skills on their resume, but what matters more is the individual’s ability to transfer those skills to the job. Use the S.T.A.R. Method during the interview to allow the candidate to narrate how they were able to display certain behaviors or apply a specific skill to resolve or address an issue. Skill is good, but skill application is better.

Look for Someone Who Upholds the Value of Hard Work and Work Ethics

No one is perfect and it is highly possible that some of your candidates have committed career blunders in the past. It is important to find out what they did to overcome those challenges. You want to hire someone with the same core values as your company, someone who does not easily give up and is willing to learn more. Look for someone who can work with integrity and is focused on reaching proposed goals no matter how difficult. This is the kind of employee who can help propel your company to success.

Choose Candidates Who took the Time to Arrive in Proper Interview Attire

According to the article “What to Wear to a Job Interview: The Complete Guide for 2020,” candidates can increase their chances of getting hired by dressing appropriately because this can create a positive impression on the interviewer. It also indicates that the applicant took the time to research the company’s culture and work atmosphere, highly regards professionalism, and shows respect, according to Chron’s article “What Is the Importance of Appearance on a Job Interview?”

Find Someone with Long-Term Employment Goals

Hiring someone with clear, long-term career goals will ultimately be more cost effective for your company, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. You want to hire someone who plans on staying with the company for years to come, for multiple reasons. Aside from the fact that hiring is costly, the more experience an employee has with the company’s processes, the more valuable that person becomes as an employee.

Look for Someone Who is Open to Constructive Feedback

A great employee is someone who sees mistakes as opportunities to grow. A person who is willing to admit failures and work on improving skills to become better in the future will no doubt become a great asset to your company. No one is immune to failure; even the best of the best will sometimes make mistakes. The ones who learn from them are your company’s best allies.

Take the Time to Get to Know Your Candidate Better

It is not enough that your candidate did his or her part to learn about your company. It is also your duty to find out more about a candidate you are planning to hire. Find out what motivates them, what they are passionate about, and most importantly, what drives them to become better. These insights will help you identify strategies you can implement in the future to not only retain the employee but to help him or her grow career-wise. 
Remember that your employees are the building blocks and the biggest contributors to your company’s success. Their achievement is also your achievement as a company, so make sure you hire the right person from the get-go. 

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