(Guest post by Nate Miller)

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If your company is run by a strong group of dedicated employees, the chances of it rising to the top and earning a significant profit are strong. All of the most successful businesses have not only been led by visionaries but also supported by a dynamic team.

If you have already discovered a great way to recruit top talent and are more than satisfied with the quality of work of your employees, you may be wondering how you can best give back to your dedicated workforce, not only to show your appreciation but also to make sure they are happy with their jobs and will continue to work hard for your company in the future.

Making your employees feel liked valued parts of the team instead of just replaceable pawns goes a long way in keeping them happy and your company on the road to success.

So how can you make sure your employees know how much you appreciate their dedication and how important they are to both your company’s management and the business itself?

1.  Support their personal lives in as many ways as you can

It is obvious that you should make sure your employees have whatever tools they need to properly carry out their jobs. What is lost on many companies, however, is the importance of supporting your employees in their activities that are not job-related. This shows your employees that you are concerned about their overall wellbeing and will help guarantee that they are able to give their best in the workplace.

For example, if an employee enjoys running marathons, show your support by allowing them to collect donations for the run from colleagues or make an effort to let them go home a little early before the big day. Relatedly, showing interest in their families or significant others and allowing them to attend big events (like holiday parties) further establishes your dedication to their overall wellbeing.

Showing your attention to your employees’ personal lives will go a long way in making them feel connected to their work community beyond their basic job.

2.  Promote their professional development

It is always important to offer your employees multiple options to become even more specialized in their fields or positions. This is doubly beneficial to the employee and your company – if you can manage to keep them at your company.

A key aspect of satisfying a motivated employee’s need for development is to allow them to learn new skills within your organization. They should have the freedom to try new things within their sectors or step out of their fields of expertise and try their hand at something totally foreign to them.

You can help your employees become well-rounded and keep their desire for learning satisfied with many types of professional development options.

3.   Treat your employees as peers

Many company environments have clear-cut lines between management and staff. The problem with this sort of division is that it often results in an “us-and-them” mentality that works against teamwork and communication.

Show your employees that you are no different from them by sharing your experience and advice, even of mistakes or failures. Letting your staff know that you are human too will make them much more likely to come to you in times of need before a situation gets bad.

Similarly, you should always make sure to have time to address your employees concerns and even just chat. Try structuring your office space in a more open plan that facilitates communication. This will go a long way in forming long-term relationships and facilitating knowledge transfer.

These are just some of the ways you can easily show your company’s dedication to your valued employees. Make your company as productive as possible and support the overall wellbeing of your workforce by supporting them in their personal lives, promoting their development, and relating to them. Happy employees can be the key to success for your company!

About the author: This is a guest post by Nate Miller, a full time writer and a part-time guest-blogger.
His main interests are Finance and Business, with a recent focus on  Technology. He is constantly extending his fields of interest to incorporate news suggested to him by his readers. Also, if you like his writing, make sure to follow him on Twitter.

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