hiring practices

Business processes have come a long way during the pandemic as remote work was the only way to keep going. You cannot expect things to get back to usual in the new normal, even as offices reopen. Hiring practices are likely to be affected the most. You will probably need more resources during the recovery phase, but they may not be easily available. Further, the job landscape could get tighter as most businesses will compete for top talent. Ramping up your recruitment practices is the best way to gear up for the current challenges. Here are some ways your HR team can realign them in the new normal. 

Remote interviews are the new normal

Even as businesses reopen, you cannot expect the best candidates to drop into the office physically. People are still working remotely, and geographical limitations can hinder face-to-face interviews. Your HR team needs to be ready with a perfect video interviewing process. Recruitment managers must understand the subtleties of interviewing remotely, right from noticing non-verbal cues to assessing the dressing style of the candidate. It is equally vital to have a list of smart and consistent questions that go a long way with candidate vetting. 

Increase in project-based hiring

Ramping up your workforce in the new normal is a tough decision. Are you sure about business stability in the foreseeable future? Will you be in a position to sustain a larger workforce during such unpredictable times? Your hiring team can find the perfect solution by increasing project-based hiring. It lets you get the extra hands you need without being tied down by the expense of retaining a bigger team. 

Technology eases HR workloads 

The new normal adds extra pressure for your HR team as they need to go full-throttle with hiring. Employee wellness, hybrid work policies, and new scheduling processes bring additional workload. Investing in technology solutions is the best way to ease their workload. You can empower them with a Resume Parser to enable them to cut down the task of resume screening. It saves time and ensures that only the best candidates reach the interview stage. Moreover, your HR team can focus on critical tasks

Quality over numbers

When it comes to revamping your hiring practices in the new normal, everything boils down to quality. Operating with fewer people is the best approach right now as it can save money and space. Fewer people on-premises means you will be in a better position to implement social distancing norms. So recruiters should focus on hiring skilled resources rather than more resources. It is better to pay a tad more to an employee who can deliver more to the business.

Focus on employer branding while hiring

Pandemic or no pandemic, building your employer brand should be the top priority of your recruitment team. A robust hiring process showcases your professionalism and integrity as an employer. Focus on creating an excellent experience for every candidate, whether you hire them or not. Practices such as personal calls, regular emails, and feedback, paint a picture of an authentic employer brand. 

Going the extra mile with your hiring practices is the need of the hour. It may take a lot of creative thinking and effort to implement them, but they are worthwhile. 

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash