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If there is a profession where you must use creativity and effort to improve other people’s lives, that is architecture. The path to become an architect is not easy and it takes between 5 to 7 years (depends on each country), and a postgraduate training is also necessary. Studying an Architecture Master in Europe is a great way to specialize in Collective Housing and start a successful professional career in the construction industry.

In this article, we will offer five reasons to become an architect in 2020.

5 Reasons to become an Architect

Here are a few reasons to be an Architect that you might want to consider:

You will not get bored studying architecture

Architecture is not an easy degree, but it has some characteristics that will make you not to get bored while studying it:

  • Improvisation. When you study architecture you have to improvise a lot.
  • Computers. Computer design classes are entertaining and interesting.
  • Dynamism. Although it is a hard university degree, its dynamism makes it exciting, challenging and fun.
  • Draw, sketch, image and create are part of the architecture student’s life.

Great Income potential

Architecture is a respected career and an architect typically earns higher than average salaries. Large firms are looking for fresh talent and new ideas, so you can make a lot of money working as an architect.

If you are looking for a sought-after, high-income profession, becoming an architect is a good choice.

It’s a challenging profession

To become an architect you need skills to solve problems. In the process of designing and building houses and structures you will face problems and challenges like client’s demands or design or structural issues. Good communication skills and a great resolution capacity are necessary in every good architect.

Architects are not just involved in the design of a building, they are also responsible for public safety and overseeing of projects.

Improve the lives of other people

Architects have the possibility of improving the lives of other people, designing adapted spaces that meet their needs and allow them to lead a more easy and comfortable life. For this reason, Architecture is one of the most admired professions (12th according to Forbes magazine).

Creativity job

The architect’s work has a high percentage of creativity. Many architectural works throughout history are considered art, showing the vision of the architect. 

Architecture gives you the freedom to use the creative part of your brain, it’s an art that works with science to design places and buildings where people can live, interact, work and play. You get a lot of opportunities to showcase your creativity and art while designing structures.

Becoming an architect in 2020 is a correct decision because you can start a professional career that will provide you with a good income, it’s fun to study, allows you to be creative, improve other people’s lives and will be a challenge in your daily work.

It is possible to specialize in advanced architecture design focused on housing, city and energy by studying a Master of Architecture in Collective Housing.

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