Who am I?- Personal Development Framework for Employees

Who am I?- Personal Development Framework for Employees

Talent is a top-of-mind topic for recruiters everywhere. Big companies, bootstrapped startups, everyone’s looking to recruit the people they need.

In this recruitment frenzy, it’s important to remember that the people you recruit have to be the right people. The challenge of having a competitive talent pool that ensures your company’s success doesn’t end after you recruit it. You have to foster, grow and retain it as well.

Having this in mind, we developed a Personal Development Framework for Employees and we named it “Who am I?” Although it might sound too fluffy for a tough, competitive recruitment process, for us it was essential in identifying the people who match our company vision and values.

They are the people we want growing Hppy because we trust that a relationship build on common values breeds long-term loyalty and dedication.

We use the framework to double check on cultural fit. Questions like “What are your values?” or “If you never had to work …” give us a perspective on how and if our candidates are in sync with us.

The goals they set for themselves regarding Family or Work also show us how the candidate sees these two very important aspects of life and we can cross-check those with our Culture Code. On a professional level, we look at the type of people a person likes to work with, to see if we can match his/her expectations regarding the work environment etc.

Vlad Bodi, CEO of Hppy

It’s a very simple to use resource that can help you get to know your employees or future employees better. The goal behind it is to find out what drives a person, both on a personal level, as well as on a professional level.

You can then compare the results of this framework with your own values, as a manager or a startup founder, to see if there is a culture fit. If your values match, you have a strong foundation on which you can build a long-term relationship.

Diversity of character is beneficial and it works best if there is a personality match on the fundamentals. You can also frame this resource to fit your personal style. Enjoy!



We’d love to know what you think of the framework! 



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