How Does Old Technology Impact Staff Morale?

There’s no getting around then fact that technology is a major player in almost every aspect of the workplace. Everything from communication to file retention can now be streamlined with the help of technology.

This isn’t a new trend by any stretch of the imagination. However, if you make use of technology that is a bit old, staff morale can take a hit resulting in a less focused and attentive workforce.

Frustrating Waiting Times

There are a number of time-wasting instances that occur almost daily. In fact, according to research conducted by Sharp, staff spend less time on annual leave than waiting for dated technology to kick back what they’re looking for.

It’s estimated that as many as 167 hours are spent lingering by tech waiting. That’s 21 days watching webpages load and printers warm up. Surely that’s enough for even the most patient of people to grow discontented.

When morale is down, so is productivity. Even a small switch to an internet connection four times quicker than your current setup can save 10 minutes a day. With almost an extra hour each week per employee, everybody wins. Staff aren’t hanging around waiting for technology, meaning they’re much more satisfied with equipment and more efficient.

Failed Collaboration

Communication is a key tool for colleagues. Without it, many activities would be compromised. Especially where staff are relying on the input of others, poor collaboration can be the difference between mediocre task completion and a job very well done.

If you’re relying on communication to take place electronically, you usually need a decent internet connection. Promises of brand new, superfast connections have enable many businesses to offer their staff effortless teamwork opportunities. But what about those that haven’t adopted a new setup?

Both wired and wireless devices are likely to struggle to perform as effectively. Even the most advanced hardware and software can be deemed unreliable without the right system. What this potentially means for employees is yet more wasted time on top of not being able to efficiently converse with colleagues.

The alternative from an employee’s point of view, might be to use a personal mobile device. Of course, this can end up eating into personal data allowance. In such a case, it is probably understandable if staff become disheartened.

What Is the Answer?

Using technology to improve staff morale doesn’t have to be difficult. You’d be surprised how even the smallest of change can transform a disillusioned workforce into a happy one.

Installing new machinery alone has been linked to boosted morale. Staff are more likely to believe in the company if they see physical improvements, resulting in a more determined workforce.

One of the biggest points of despair for many workers is retrieving documents and files. According to the Paperless Project, around 40% of an employee’s time is spent searching for paper records. There is technology to leverage to ensure this doesn’t impact morale.

Digitising paper documents and storing them as searchable, electronic files makes retrieval much easier. Staff can simply log in to a secure system and use keywords to instantly find what they need. There’s no rummaging through cabinets and drawers, making the whole process quick and straightforward.

Combining this with updated infrastructure and equipment ultimately makes work life incredibly smoother and ensures that staff have everything they need to productively perform. With nothing holding employees back, they’ll be able to comfortably fulfil their roles without the headaches of being limited by outdated technology.

Happiness and Efficiency

It’s no secret that employee engagement and happiness is a fundamental component of any business. With the world of technology evolving further with every passing day, the longer you wait to provide sufficient equipment, the more staff morale can deplete.

Satisfaction is directly linked to productivity. With that being said, there’s never a bad moment to improve your technology to avoid declining staff morale.

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About the author:

Andy Morley works for Cleardata. The company offers cloud document services that save time and space, allowing staff to be more productive and improve staff morale.