4 Ways To Create A More Stable & Healthy Work Environment

As a leader, it’s your job to make sure your employees are happy, healthy and enjoy working at your business. Turnover is expensive, and too much of it will create a very difficult environment to work and exist each day.

However, there are a few particular ways you can create a more stable atmosphere in the workplace that will help your employees keep their mental and physical wellbeing in check. The worst decision you can make is to look the other way and take no action at all for improving the conditions at your office. Hoping the situation will get better on its own isn’t a wise approach, so it’s worth your energy to figure out how you can help.

Know the Employment Laws & have Rules, Policies & Guidelines in Place

If you fail to educate yourself on state employment laws and regulations, you may find yourselves in deep water with the law. It’s beneficial to educate yourself and your fellow employees on workplace rights and policies. Seek help from an experienced employment attorney, such as those at Bremer Whyte Brown & O’Meara to help answer any questions you may have regarding your workplace rights. Also, proactively share company rules, policies, and guidelines with your employees, which will make your expectations at the office clear.

Offer training to your employees in both data protection and health and safety. If you’re unsure on how to improve your environment, bring in a consultant who can teach your employees how to create a strong password, to spot dodgy emails and how to store sensitive data. You should also only allow those who need access to sensitive data to have the login details; anyone else should not be permitted access.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Another way you can create a more stable and healthy work environment for your employees is to promote work-life balance. A few ideas include offering a work from home policy, a discounted gym membership and flexible hours. You could also bring in a coffee machine so that your workers can enjoy coffee that isn’t instant, and if the budget permits, you can bring in fresh fruit and some yogurt in for your employees to enjoy a healthy breakfast at their desks.

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Your staff members have a life outside of company walls and the more you can help them to balance all of their obligations and responsibilities, the more productive and useful they’ll be at work.

Encourage Open Communication

Politics and side conversations can quickly turn a peaceful environment you once had at your workplace sour, so you should have a rule that although does not repress the opinions of others, states you need to be mindful of other people’s beliefs. Encourage open and honest communication to avoid sticky situations and people going behind each other’s backs.

Make sure whoever needs to be in the loop about a particular matter is and send emails and hold companywide meetings to fill your employees in on the status of how your operation is doing overall. As a boss, you may need to be a mediator every once in a while, or if you’re not comfortable in being one, hire a professional in this sector so that employee disputes are sorted out way before they can get out of control. You want to encourage conversation, but keep anything that may cause discomfort out of the office.

Assign Individual Coaches or Mentors

What’s going to help you hold your workers more accountable for doing their jobs well and give them a healthy outlet for sharing grievances is to assign each person a coach or mentor.

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This way people will feel like their voice is always being heard and performance will be closely monitored throughout the year. You’ll create a more stable and healthy work environment when your staff feels like they’re being valued and have someone they can turn to in a time of need or if they have questions.


Keeping your employees happy and healthy should be a top priority at your workplace. It’s what’s going to help you reach your goals and get ahead of your competition. Use these suggestions for creating a more stable and healthy work environment that everyone can get behind and appreciate.

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