Why You Should Have A Mentoring Culture In Your Company

Imagine working in an organization where the culture was one where every day was a day of learning. Every day we came to work we knew that we would grow on a personal and professional level. Imagine putting both feet on the floor in the morning with the anticipation and excitement that we would learn something new that day. Imagine exploring who you really are as a person. Imagine working in a workplace where people are valued and employees at all levels of the organization are engaged and empowered. Welcome to the “gift of mentoring” and a mentoring culture.

What is a mentoring culture and how will that accomplish all that I have sketched out? A mentoring culture is where an organization has embraced the “gift of mentoring” as a way of life in that organization. Every employee no matter at what level they are at in the organization embraces mentoring as a way of life. We come to work knowing that we will learn something whether it be on a personal or professional basis. We know that someone will learn something from us as well. We are open and very receptive to having discussions with our work colleagues on different ways to do things. Our work place is a safe work place where it is okay to share your ideas or to express your feelings.

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Can you just imagine what this would be like? We would feel engaged and empowered and want to make a difference in the organization. We would have no issues with being held accountable as we know that is just part of the journey. We would have a deeper appreciation for who we are and what we are capable of becoming. As part of our continuous learning we reflect on a regular basis as part of the mentoring process on what went well, what didn’t go well and what would we do differently next time with each situation that we deal with? The reflective process becomes something that is part of our daily routine.

Your day comes to an end but the learning doesn’t have to stop there. A large percentage of the mentoring skills that you acquire in this mentoring culture are transferable skills that you can use in your personal life, your community life and in the organization. Sharing the “gift of mentoring” outside of the work place will provide you with additional learning that will enhance who you are as a person. Your involvement in the community is enriched by your growth as a direct result of the learning and development environment that you are in. Your home life becomes quality life as you once again share the “gift of mentoring” with your loved ones.

Sometimes organizations implement a mentor program as they are not sure if mentoring will work. That is a good step to take but do not lose sight of the end goal which is a mentoring culture. Remember that one of the reasons mentoring does not work in all organizations is that the culture will not support mentoring. Tomorrow morning take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if your organization is ready to begin its journey to sharing the “gift of mentoring” and implementing a mentoring culture. Is your organization ready to embrace the “gift of mentoring?” It is time for us to learn. It is time for us to develop and it is time for us to grow on a personal and professional basis. Begin your journey today by embracing the “gift of mentoring.” Begin your journey and implement a mentoring culture in your organization today!

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