Travelling is one of the most refreshing and rejuvenating activities. It is no surprise that there are so many travelers that advocate traveling for educating and exploring your own self. Traveling is, no doubt, one of the most educating activities. Exploring new places, meeting new people and experiencing new things make you grow as a person, equipped with more skills and knowledge.

The corporate life of most of the employees leaves them with little time for traveling and exploring new places. But encouraging employees to travel more, may work in the favor of the company itself. HR should keep a track of the vacation that each employee has taken in a year and make sure that each employee is taking some time off to travel, explore a new place, meet new people etc. Here are some of the reasons why HR should push their employees to travel, especially in global organizations.

A happy employee is a better employee

Travelling is no doubt an uplifting activity which will make your employees happy and stress-free. The more an employee is happy, the fewer chances of him/ her getting frustrated with the job, lack of productivity and stress build up. Travelling will give your employee the chance to explore a part of life other than his/ her corporate job. The mind will open to new experiences and opportunities which will eventually stimulate their creativity, leading to better productivity.

An employee who sees more knows more

If your employee is travelling more and exploring new places, he/she will gather new knowledge and become more experienced about the ways of the world. This will lead to creative thinking, better problem solving, better ideas, which he/ she will bring to work and these ideas might do wonders for the company. An employee who meets new and more people will be able to understand people better and make for a better leader and manager.

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Character Building

Travelling will build character and make employees discover passions they were unaware of before. The many challenges a person faces during travelling, makes him/ her mentally strong, flexible and patient in tough circumstances. They will be able to cope with stressful situations better and also be able to positively motivate their fellow colleagues in teamwork.

Happy family, happy employee

No spouse or children like an overworked mom or dad and this might reflect in the work productivity of an employee. So it’s important that employees take vacations with their families so that there is a fine balance between personal and professional satisfaction.

HR should keep a track of how many times an employee is taking a vacation and make it essential for everyone to go on vacation at least twice a year. Employees should be pushed and encouraged to travel. In fact, HR should organize outdoor team building activities and take teams on tours so that they can get dual benefits of travelling and team building.

Apart from team building activities, companies should provide employees with vacation allowance which employees should use only for their planned vacations. Companies can also provide their employees with vouchers to resorts, hotels or discounted air tickets to ensure that their employees travel and grow.

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Overworked employees in stressful jobs quit their jobs or get health problems due to all work and no play. It’s important that HR ensure that their employee population is happy and healthy. Travelling is one way to ensure that employees remain happy. Travelling provides employees with the essential break that’s required to rejuvenate and get back to work with a fresh and better mind.