business cards

Business cards are more than a professional calling card. They are also more than a symbol of your role in the organization; they are a representation of the company and everyone in it. Let’s look at the benefits of a business card for an HR manager as well as other Human Resources staff. 

It Enhances Your Professionalism 

Anyone can wear a company T-shirt or badge. Custom printed business cards demonstrate that your company considers you a full member of the team. When everyone has business cards that carry both company and department branding, it indirectly increases cohesiveness within the workgroup. And all of this gives your employees more weight in professional discussions. Furthermore, when they meet with other employees, handing a business card to them enhances social trust and keeps the interactions professional.

Don’t be afraid to give your business cards to other employees. You aren’t wasting money. You’re building relationships and reinforcing the use of business cards when they meet others. 

It Ensures that Others Can Contact You Directly 

It is rather common for personnel to be reluctant to speak to their manager about a problem, since the relationship is so close. In other cases, it is the immediate manager who is the problem. The employee may not be able to speak with the boss’ boss about the issue. And if things flow back down to the direct manager, the employee may face repercussions for everything from reporting sexual harassment to unsafe working conditions. If you make your business cards available throughout the organization, employees don’t have to wonder whether they should call OSHA, the press or an attorney. They know how to reach you directly. Furthermore, you’re in the position to handle the matter or force direct managers to deal with it. 

This has several side benefits. First, employees have a direct line of communication with someone who can protect them from retaliation if they report violations of the law or their civil rights. Second, picking up business cards in the HR office or sharing them among employees doesn’t attract undue attention early in the process the way walking into a senior executive’s office would.


If you’re dealing with difficult issues on a regular basis, consider putting your photo on the business card just as a real estate agent would. This allows people to recognize your face when they see you. Then they could talk to you as soon as they see you in your hallway instead of sending an email or trying to schedule an appointment. 

It Is an Essential Recruiting Tool 

Human Resources personnel represent the company when they’re at recruiting events and professional gatherings. Printed business cards leave a strong, positive impression when you give them to potential new hires, whether you’re meeting at a job fair or women in STEM event. Making business cards available when you’re giving practice interviews to students or talking to them about your industry gives the most motivated people a way to reach out to you. Sharing your business card at a job interview ensures that the person knows how to contact you in a few weeks to follow up on their resume instead of wondering if it disappeared in the stack. 

Custom business cards with decorative flourishes like gold edging will help your business card stand out from the stack. This is incredibly useful in making sure a prospective employee remembers and follows up with you instead of someone else. Consider printing business cards in color with a glossy finish if your job is recruitment. 

It Shapes the Corporate Identity 

There are jokes about new hires not really being members of the team until they have their branded business cards. Yet there is an element of truth to this. If your company makes them wait for business cards, it suggests your new HR admin isn’t yet a full member of the team. If they receive the new business cards as soon as their email address and phone number are set it, it demonstrates that you’re integrating them into the team.


Provide business cards on thick cardstock with high quality print jobs to prove that you take your employees seriously. It is a representation of how you see your employees, and it will affect how others see your HR staff. This is why you can’t afford to print flimsy business cards and hand them out to new hires. 

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