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The support of the management is essential for the prosperity of an organization. Managers, being leaders have the chance to build supportive workplaces to promote better employee well-being. Today, investing in employee wellness is a very smart move for managers. Most of the companies are looking for ways to reduce their employee healthcare costs, while also wanting dedicated and productive employees. It has been estimated that more than two-thirds of the US employers have started offering health and wellness programs in order to encourage a healthy working environment. But, to create a wellness culture, the employees also need their manager’s support for a change in sustainable behavior.

The role of managers

The key to creating a healthy workplace is in the hands of the managers. This is because they can lead the employees by setting an example. Managers act as role models for the employees. The employees are more inclined into taking part in wellness activities if they see their managers doing so.

Several healthcare toolkits by various organizations suggest managers to be leaders who are the ones bringing about an environmental change because they are the stimulators and organizers of the change. They allot the resources like money, time and space and it’s their responsibility to build conditions that are likely to conduct success. Otherwise, the failure of the organization will be because of their inefficiency.

Shaping Employee Well-Being

Through their leadership skills, the managers can easily promote healthy behavior around the office, and it doesn’t have to be too complicated. There are many simple ways of initiating wellness culture and assisting in healthy choices.

Engaging in self-care

The main factor of the deteriorating health of the employees is stress. It is extremely important for managers to help them reduce stress by setting an example. They should cut down on the practice of working overtime and should refrain from sending work-related emails on the weekends. Managers who care for their health, make the other employees realize that their priority should also be their well-being.

Staying active and lively

Promote an active working environment among your employees to ensure the vigor throughout the day. The managers can replace sit-down meetings with one-to-one walking meetings. They can encourage the use of standing desks in the office. Also, making use of stairs in place of elevators and praising the employees who do so will prove to be a good practice. The employees should be informed that getting up each hour and stretching and moving a bit is completely accepted and normal.

Acknowledging the employees

Showing gratitude and being thankful is one of the simplest things by which managers can push up employee wellbeing. Merely thanking the employees for a task will boost their morale and bring about positivity in the office. A small token of appreciation will make them feel good about their jobs and this will lead to increased productivity.

Educate about health

The managers can make the employees aware of how to eat healthily and how to improve their physical and mental health. They can take health classes once a month in which employees will be educated on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and ways of managing stress.

Favor wellness

Many employees who work full time, are reluctant to get involved in the wellness programs as they are busy. The managers can overcome this issue by offering time to exercise a bit during the day. For example, if there is a gym at the office, then the employees can use it for 30 min during their work hours.

Eliminating unhealthy food choices

The fatty snacks and sweet stuff available in the break room can lure the employees into consuming more calories. Managers can put an end to this culture by replacing the unhealthy snacks in the company’s vending machines and providing healthy energy-giving foods such as yogurt and fruits.

Take care of your employees!

Shaping the well-being of the employee is necessary for the organization because a focused, healthy and energetic employee is both more productive and motivated than a tired and stressed employee. The employees are likely to put more effort into a task if they are happy about their workplace and their manager.

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