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If you think that it’s easy to hire, you are wrong. Even big companies sometimes make hilarious mistakes. Sometimes recruiters and HR’s getting too blinded with the size and reputation of a company. They start seeking the parts of the system, not for the people. This article will help you to build the right process of interaction with your employees. They will love your company from the very first seconds spent in your office. 

Avoid The Soulless Tests After The Good In-Person Talk

Some companies, especially the big ones, have many stages in their interviews. It is OK if you hire a person on the position requiring a lot of hard, technical skills. For example, you might need much time to examine their level of competency. Remember: you need two or more stages of testing and high-quality HR software if you hire someone on a complicated, and urgent project. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time. 

If you need to hire a junior, a big, 100-questions personality test will scare them off. Remember yourself at your 20’s, will you have the same trust to the employer after such a move? Probably, not. It’s best to build an interview in a way that will not need many tests after. A good recruiter can make conclusions after a 10-minutes talk. So maybe you need to focus on your hiring system in case of trouble with the new employees.

Bonus: If You Are A Fan Of Testing, Make It Right

Do you need to know the EQ score of your analyst or a programmer? Maybe it’s best to focus on the live coding? The same situation happens when you need to hire a waitress or a hostess. Do you need to know their IQ? Maybe it’s best to focus on soft skills then? 

Set Up The Stress-Free Meetings Instead Of The Official Conferences

It’s stressful to think about if the employee will fit in after all. Some of the supervisors become too obsessed with the metrics. They prefer to handle a meeting in a conference room. There the ice between the new colleagues is supposed to break. As a result, everyone gets stressed out. Especially if there are heads of the company watching this whole thing. But it works! After this meeting of horror, everyone goes outside to drink some coffee. There everyone discusses your manners and funny face. Rumors make colleagues closer, that’s true!

If you want to avoid this scenario, you better organize a picnic or book a table in some local restaurants. Yes, it might be more expensive. But after all, you will see the behavior of your colleagues in the informal environment. Here’s what HR Manager from IvoryResearch says about it: “No one can hide anything after the fourth glass of wine! But please, don’t bring any stress to this meeting. Don’t turn the restaurant into a conference hall. Just relax and enjoy your life, but don’t forget to observe the whole situation. This approach will pay off after all.”

Show The Employees How You Value Them

Every company has its story, core values, and achievements. And it can be hard to imagine an interview without a recruiter talking about them. Every company strives to be the most honorable to work in. Sometimes a history discourse takes more time than talking with an employee. You know, if a person has come to your interview, he/she is already motivated enough to work there. And by the way, the company culture will never mean more than a nice paycheck.

It’s best if you will have a book on employee’s opinions about your company. And everyone will know that no punishment will come after telling what he/she thinks. This book will be a gatherer of valuable ideas on how to improve your company. Nothing is perfect in this world, and sometimes the advice comes for huge money. But in the case of having a place where everyone can be honest and innovative, you will gain a lot. If you need some fresh ideas on how to collect the feedback, here you go.

The Bottom Line

If you prefer simple checklists with the simple rules, it’s best to pay attention to this one. You can print it out and place it on your work table, or save this article to the bookmarks. 

  • Your employees are people. They are not parts of a mechanism called “Your Company.”
  • Stop creating too much stress. Relax and observe; this will work. 
  • Tests can be wrong. Your impression means more because you will work with this person, not your computer. 
  • Check the values and qualities that you need to see in this person. Don’t overdo the testing. 
  • Explain the reasons for rejection, if you made such a decision. Don’t go with the ready-made template.
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