Walk and Talk Your Way to Success: The Why’s and How’s of Walking Meetings

How many times have you or your employees dreaded having to go to a meeting? Have you ever not looked forward to sitting at the same conference table or sitting in the same office

[Infographic] Effective Employee Communication Channels

Did you know that that 12% of organizations aren’t measuring the effectiveness of their communication with employees? The most common real-time metrics available to communicators are content popularity, followed by opens and clicks –

[Infographic] 7 Tall Tales About Productivity: Myth or Reality?

Happier people are productive, and productive people work all the time, right? That’s how they get so much done—yes? Nope, not at all: Productivity doesn’t actually have much to do with hours. In fact, there

The 9-Step Checklist for Evaluating and Improving Employee Performance

Did you know that that only about 30% of U.S. employees are engaged at work? It’s true: Recent data from a Gallup poll shows that nearly two-thirds of workers are not invested in the

9 Things To Consider When Recognizing Remote Employees

Even if managing remote employees is becoming a more widespread phenomenon, many leaders stills struggle with one of its key aspects – employee recognition. It doesn't matter whether employees work on-site or remotely –

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