How to use online notes to ramp up collaboration in your Server Message Block (SMB)

Supporting effective collaboration in your small business can be tough even at the best of times, and when most of your employees are working from home and all of them are stressed and anxious about

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Improving Employee Engagement with Corporate Language Training

To compete in the global market, a company must have the right tools and qualities. Leadership, finance, and marketing strategy are some of the things that may first come to mind. Strong and collaborative Employee engagement,

The 4 Communication Styles and Why They Matter to Your Organization

In any workplace, you’ll find different people with different communication styles. Some may gravitate toward facts and figures as others tend to be more interested in personal experiences and relationships. Such differences in communication style may

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Why most cultural integrations in M&A fail and how to avoid it

M&A confidence is building, following last year’s trends. According to Allen&Overy’s M&A Index for Q1 2014, the U.S. continues to be increasingly active while Europe is beginning to recover. Despite this growth, companies are still

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