[Infographic] Inside the mind of a successful manager

The art of successfully managing a company and its employees can define the success of a company. Work ethic and leadership are just a few components of running a company successfully. Proper management is key

[Infographic] 3 Reasons Why Employee Recognition Is Important

Companies engaging in employee recognition programs experience 50% higher levels of productivity from their workers. Recognition is also connected with higher profits, higher customer satisfaction, and lower rates of employee turnover. Learn more about employee

Crowdsource leadership decisions and give your employees a voice

Leaders often believe that they have answers to every question. While being in this position does come with a lot of advantages, this doesn’t necessarily mean leaders know everything. The truth is it is impossible

What steps can leaders take to make employees give their best?

(Guest post by Steve Brown) Empowering employees is tough, especially if you’re the kind of leader who isn’t a born motivator. Business owners, CEOs, managers and employees can’t expect their subordinates to do their jobs