Everything you need to know about creating a business recruitment strategy

A business recruitment strategy is a plan created for the purpose of recruiting the best-suited employees for the company. It should be detailing the positions, timescales, and explain why and how it will be conducted.

Micromanagement vs. macromanagement: how to find the right balance

As a manager, you have surely heard about micromanagement and the damages it can cause to a team dynamic and manager-employee relationships. You have most certainly chosen macromanagement as an effective managerial posture, and

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Should Your Company Ask Employees to Sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

As a company, you wish to safeguard your secrets and any other confidential information from competitors. A sound solution is focusing on all the possible ways through which information leak. Competitors may capitalize on such

How to Become an Effective Recruiting Leader? What Do You Need to Implement?

Being some sort of a leader has been desirable since the beginning of our existence. In ancient times, people were always fighting for that one place that would allow them to rule others. It can

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