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Do you make these simple mistakes in your staff survey?

One of the most common mistakes company owners make when crafting employee surveys is creating inadequate questions. Making use of words like “never” and “always” twist genuine responses and may persuade employees to adopt

The most significant challenges for women employee engagement in 2015

Technology is big business. It is the fastest-growing sector and it is essential not just to other businesses but also to every person in their daily life. For many years computer-related jobs, whether programming

Crowdsource leadership decisions and give your employees a voice

Leaders often believe that they have answers to every question. While being in this position does come with a lot of advantages, this doesn’t necessarily mean leaders know everything. The truth is it is

Improving employee engagement within companies is a leadership priority

Over the past few years, many companies struggled to boost their bottom line. Fortunately, CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders have finally realized that the smartest way of increasing profits is through employee engagement. Businesses of

What steps can leaders take to make employees give their best?

(Guest post by Steve Brown) Empowering employees is tough, especially if you’re the kind of leader who isn’t a born motivator. Business owners, CEOs, managers and employees can’t expect their subordinates to do their

How companies can do a better job mastering employee engagement

Employee engagement is paramount for companies that want to stay afloat. Engaged employees are more productive and committed to their organizations; they're satisfied at the workplace and don't have an issue with going the

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