Engagement power of female bosses – why it’s considered higher than men's

Just over half a century ago it was almost unheard of to have a female boss. A survey conducted by Gallop in 1953 shows that only 5% of employees would prefer to take their orders from a female. Now, the same survey shows that 20% of employees would happily work for a female boss. More impressive is that now nearly half of all the people asked have no preference. In 1953 there were just a quarter of employees with no preference. This rise in popularity may be partly due to the possibility that women make better bosses.

Believe it or not, women can be just as decisive as men. They’re powerful, strong and confident in their abilities. Some can be quite intimidating actually. How can women engage an audience and thus become better bosses than men?


According to several surveys female bosses are more likely to engage their employees because they have better social skills. It has been shown that a female manager is more likely to provide both feedback and support to their employees. This results in a higher level of job satisfaction and a more productive employee. Studies have shown that female employees working for female managers are the most engaged while male employees working for male managers are the least engaged.

It has also been shown that a female boss is generally more engaged and, therefore, more productive than their male counterparts. This could be related to the continuing gender inequality in management and the need for women to prove themselves.


A female manager will actively encourage their employees to develop both personally and professionally. It would appear that women are more attuned to the potential of others and encourage them to achieve it. There is no evidence that women promote women over men but it does show that women may be better at ensuring their employees are challenged in their daily lives.

Women bosses praise and acknowledge excellent work

Surveys have also shown that a female manager is more likely to praise and recognize good work when it has been done. This improved level of feedback encourages and stimulates any employee. As part of this employees working for a women tend to feel more appreciated and feel their opinions count to their bosses.

Team building

Women are better at creating a team building atmosphere. The feedback and freedom for all employees to voice their opinion creates a happy environment. This atmosphere helps employees to bond and create workplace friendships.  Consequently employees are better team players.

Material & equipment

Women who are in charge are more likely to ensure their employees have all the equipment and materials they need to complete their role properly and to the best of their ability. This is demonstrated by the higher level of contact a female manager has than a male boss. They often have a natural empathy with others and this is used to their advantage in the workplace.

Women managers tend to care more for their employees and also find the time to ask about them personally. They are more likely to make allowances for issues in employee’s personal lives. A female boss is more likely to treat everyone with respect and compassion.

Lead by example

Women who are in charge have often risen through the ranks themselves and have earned the respect of their colleagues. They have a good understanding of the needs of each part of the business and are able to assist any employee when required. Women bosses have been shown to be more likely to undertake even the worst of jobs in order to show employees how it is done properly. Their ability to “muck in” is likely to motivate their employees.

Whether we like to admit this or not, but women CEOs, entrepreneurs and company managers are more skilled when it comes to connecting to people. They’re more aware of the company mission and the importance of their role in achieving its goals. This is vital to employee engagement, loyalty and productivity. Unlike men, who are cold and more aggressive in the business environment, women have people skills, and they would rather build a relationship with those around the instead of giving orders.

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