The Best Tools and Software to Improve Employee Happiness

Employee loyalty is critical to a business’s success. You need to provide the right environment and benefits to ensure that your best employees have an incentive to stay. With the increasing amount of businesses out there, and the shift towards remote working, improving the workplace is critical for employee satisfaction, and these are the best tools and software to help you do just that:

Help Them Get the Right Estimates

When you work as a contractor, you need to create accurate, profitable estimates to ensure that not only can the project can be completed, but that you can pay your employees and make a profit. When you are responding to a customer bid requests, speed is everything.

The right estimate is everything to a successful job, and without it, you cannot operate as a successful company nor provide your clients with an accurate estimation. The important part about what contractor estimating software provides is that it allows you to create accurate estimates, for both bids and for subcontractors, allowing everyone to have the right expectation and to get paid fairly.

SAP Software

If your business is large and stretches over several departments or even offices, then you must centralize your system. Without a centralized system, you waste time, money, and resources. This is bad for you as an employer, and it is bad for the employees due to the extra time wasted chasing leads.

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Having real-time data allows work to be done faster, and easier, meaning less effort on your employees’ part for menial tasks. This means less stress and easier workloads.

Lean Management

Every employee has a right to a safe working environment, and when you work in production or with heavy machinery, this means that cleanliness and organization are paramount. Shadow boards are a great way to make the task of putting items away a breeze, meaning that everyone can keep the work floor tidy, and safer for everyone. There won’t be fights over what goes where, either, improving employee relations as well.

Safe Employee Feedback

Anti-harassment should also be a priority within your workspace, but just having a strong anti-harassment policy is not enough. By implementing a safe and easy to use feedback system in your office, employees can safely make complaints. You never want an employee to feel harassed, and worse yet, that they cannot make a complaint against the harassment because they would have to do so in front of their harasser.

When you receive the complaint, always find a way to contact the employee who made is to that you can ensure your course of action is in line with what they want to do, and so that they can be on board with your plan of action beforehand.

The Cloud

Another tool that every business needs in order to be successful is cloud computing. What this means for your business is that you can secure your data and centralize it, rather than risk keeping all of it on one server. What it means for your employees, however, is the ability to work collaboratively with other employees easily, even in different departments.

No longer do they have to be frustrated over sending email files that get increasingly confusing as time goes on. Now they can actively work on it real time no matter where they are. Similarly, the cloud will also mean that every employee has access to information that they have clearance too, no matter where it is located, meaning less time liaising with other departments to find simple data.

Reward and Recognition Schemes

No employee wants to feel like they have peaked, nor that they have no future at a company. Once they do, it is only a matter of time before they look elsewhere. That is why one of the best ways to improve employee happiness is to use reward and recognition schemes. These schemes can be handled through a software as well, meaning you don’t have to keep an eye on every single person in your employment, and can know when they are due for a reward for their hard work automatically.

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The rewards in question can be as simple as a personalized ‘thank you’ email from you, or a free birthday lunch on the company. As for nominal rewards, reports can be created and generated and sent to HR, where you can then review whether any bonuses, raises, or even promotions are necessary

Whether the software helps your employees’ lives easier when at work, it helps them with any complaints, or it provides them real rewards, it is up to you to innovate your workplace so that your employees are happy, satisfied, and enjoy their jobs.

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