post-pandemic office party

As stated by statistical data from Upwork, there are about 41.8% of the American workforce working from home. But these workers are not full-time online workers. Moreover, only 18% of the American workforce are full-time online workers, as there are only 16% of companies that hire full-time remote workers.

If your company belongs to that 16%, you must have a team of employees working from home, right? Your HR is also exerting 100% of their energy to comply with the new requirements for online workers.

But finally, your HR’s challenging and busy days are now over. They won’t have to worry about the additional policies on staff sickness, redeployment of the workforce, working-parent considerations, and many more because the pandemic is finally over. As the company owner, you need to reward your employees for their loyalty and hardships by organizing a post-pandemic office party. 

But how do you make a fun and exciting office party? Well, here is how, if you plan on making a fun and exciting party, you must first think of the goal you want to achieve by the end of your party. So let us begin with this first goal.

1.Increase creativity and interaction

If the goal of your party is to increase creativity and interaction, the theme of your party must also be creative, fun, and interactive. For instance, you can try having a Minecraft party in your office. But, of course, we all know that Minecraft is a game, right? So if your workers know that the party has a Minecraft theme, they would attend the party and find out for themselves why the theme is a video game. 

They will also put an effort to wear the attire as they would also expect their co-workers to wear one. You can then relate the theme of your party to the goal that you want to achieve by striking a speech relating to Minecraft and creativity in the office. Of course, a Minecraft party is also good for the kids, so you can also allow your kids to interact and communicate with each other.

2. Let go of the temporary work style and go back to the old ways. 

Some of your employees might have already adapted to the temporary work style, which is the work from home, that they tend to forget the feeling of working in the real world. If you want to let your employees feel like they need to let go of that work style and go back to the traditional way of working, you can initiate an independence day theme at your first post-pandemic office party. 

Doing this will allow them to realize that those days are over entirely, and it is now time to go back to the old ways. It is not wise to let them work again normally without adjusting to the traditional face-to-face work again. Plus, it surely would be a party that they won’t forget and strengthens the teamwork within the office. 

3.Earn their trust and loyalty

If you wish to strengthen their loyalty and regain your employees’ trust back, you can give them a party that would let them feel like their CEO is concerned about them. For example, you can try giving them an all seasons theme office party. 

We have missed a lot of seasonal parties because of the pandemic. However, if you want your employees to enjoy the office party, you can initiate an all-season theme at your party. 

Anyone could wear anything they like, may it be a Christmas costume, new year’s clothing, Coachella, or anything. The food that will be served would also be inspired by the different seasons. The goal is to let them enjoy the parties they missed because of the pandemic.

Planning an office party must not be for your enjoyment but your employees’. Therefore, you need to organize a party depending on what you want to achieve. 

But don’t mess up the party by showing them that you relate entirely to work. Instead, let them have fun and enjoy the party.

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