Pause, Reflect, Assess, Grow - The Best Version of Yourself

As we head into the holiday season, it is a wonderful time to reflect internally to seek to understand, in a non-judgmental manner, the answer to the following question:

Am I currently living in the best version of myself? If not, why?

What do I need for that answer to be definitively “Yes”?

As we go through life there are ups, downs, opportunities, and challenges, all of which encompass our life experience. As we know, experiences can either leave us in a better or worse place depending on our perspective at a given time.

It is this common thread that gives every human being on this planet the unique and personal opportunity to decide to grow positively from our experiences or stagnate. After all, what’s life all about if we’re not willing to reflect on our current state of being to determine what we want to change or let go of to propagate our evolution and growth?

As humans, we carry pieces and parts from the past, some that serve us and others that don’t. Many of us wait until there is a “have to” or emergency situation that forces us to change. What if we take a more proactive approach to life and take the time to pause, reflect, and assess where we are and if our current state of being is bringing to light the best of us in this lifetime.

If we are willing to take the time to get real with ourselves, this process enables us to determine just which pieces and parts need to be set down to enable our journey ahead to be traveled with more ease. This, of course, can be a difficult task because as human beings we like to accumulate things, the good, the bad, the ugly. If we are willing to proceed, recommended action includes taking 15 minutes every day this week to capture key themes/beliefs/feelings that characterize our current state of being.

It can be helpful to capture these themes in four categories: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Next to each theme, capture whether this is a positive, negative, or neutral in our life. That’s it, stop there and just allow the simple awareness of what you captured soak in.

Revisit the list next week after the Thanksgiving holiday and highlight which themes are bubbling to the top and where you feel you need to focus the most. This roadmap, of sorts, is the foundation from which we can define the specific areas we want to drive positive change. In December, we will continue the conversation.

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