When a person is happy, he is ready to “roll mountains”, solve the most difficult issues and easily do a lot of things. Unfortunately, not all office employees can boast of this feeling at work. Find out five simple ways to raise the level of happiness in a team that will surprise you.

Sometimes everything in the office seems to be imbued with a good mood, but on other days, it seems that the working day lasts forever, and you, stuck up to your ears in the routine of endless affairs, are hopelessly waiting for it to end. Of course, it is worth mentioning about a good office, with comfortable furniture and functional equipment. You can rent it or use commercial leasing

Still sometimes employees need something else, and in this article we will look at some emotional methods of raising corporate spirit.

make the office happier
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  • A little art

Are the walls of your office drearily gray? Or are there boring motivational pictures printed on a printer hanging on them? Fill the office with real emotions and stories. It is not necessary to allocate a large budget for this: give your employees the opportunity to express themselves creatively, independently come up with the design of the workspace, or invite local young artists and photographers to show their work on the walls of your office.

Research shows that good art not only raises the mood of employees, but also creates an emotional climate that contributes to an increase in productivity by up to 35%. Feeling more comfortable and cozy in their workplace, employees cope with their daily work more efficiently, and you get better results.

  • Video contests

Creating a video is a relatively low–budget project that can qualitatively improve team spirit and improve corporate culture. Shooting on a regular smartphone or tablet will be quite enough.

Announce a small competition in the office: divide employees into teams to create a two-minute video reflecting the specifics of the company’s activities and key values. Set a 30-day deadline for creating a video so that it does not interfere with the main work and does not reduce productivity. Set a task to make a mini-movie funny or telling a fascinating story. Prepare interesting prizes for the best video authors to add a little excitement and healthy competition among the participants.

  • Innovation on schedule

A creative approach to problem solving is a genuine booster of good mood in the team. People feel happy when they come up with and implement exciting ideas that can really help in a difficult situation. Give your employees time to study the problem and find innovative, creative ways to solve it.

New ideas will fill the office with energy, make colleagues shake up a little and distract from routine tasks. Conduct informal “brainstorming sessions”, make the generation of ideas a fun and exciting action for all participants. Track all the results obtained, reward for your efforts, come up with your own special way to celebrate each achievement of brainstorming sessions.

  • Well, how about without chocolate?

In addition to the proven health benefits, chocolate reduces nervous tension, improves well-being and literally makes us happier. Therefore, you just need to ensure that office workers have access to this wonderful product.

Of course, we are not talking about the introduction of chocolate acceptance standards at the corporate level. Use it as a symbolic encouragement of good work or on the occasion of some holiday. It is advisable to choose bitter chocolate with a high content of cocoa beans, which, according to research results, should be included in the diet of a healthy diet of every person.

  • Time for complaints

It seems that it is not entirely logical to arrange special meetings to express dissatisfactions and complaints that have accumulated during the work in the company. Why release even more unhappiness in an already unhappy office?

Specially organized meetings for expressing complaints will act as a kind of safety valve that reduces pressure and ensures stable operation of the system. Your people will have the opportunity to freely express their pressing problems without fear of being unheard or misunderstood.

This is not a complete list related to internal mini-events. Many companies even have a special employee, whose position is informally called Happy Staff. Meeting newcomers and creating a mood in the office is his main job. And then – creativity, mood and involvement of employees. As the experience of HR research shows, creative events evoke a positive response from employees, create a mood, help maintain motivation and involvement in work.