An organization can’t perform to its full capacity unless its employees are healthy, both physically and mentally. Fortunately, more and more organizations are realizing that and launching various types of wellness programs that can make the employees more active and at peace, so that they can give their 100% to their jobs. Now, it’s not difficult to find an affordable and effective health program for one person. However, as an organization, you have to think about dozens or even hundreds of employees. So, the health programs should be comprehensive and catered towards individuals who often work in stressful and competitive environments. It’s also a good idea to check the reviews of various programs on reliable websites like bestonlinereviews as it can save you both time and money.

The following are some of the best ways you can make your employees care about their wellbeing:

1. Leading by Example, Bringing Changes

Studies have shown that the leaders in every organization play a big role in the work culture which affects the productivity of the employees. This is because the employees draw inspiration from their seniors and are greatly affected by their habits and attitude towards work and life in general. So, the top-level and mid-level management must work on developing healthier habits in order to create a healthy work culture.

There is a lot that you can do to promote a healthier lifestyle in your organization. For instance, you can learn how to help with employee stress which is really important in today’s world where problems like anxiety and depression are becoming prevalent. You can also take a variety of measures such as adding healthy foods in the cafeteria menu, setting up an office gym, encouraging frequent breaks, and creating a bike-sharing program on the premises.

2. Providing Professional Help and Support

A professional like a fitness trainer or a nutritionist would be far more capable of spreading awareness about health and fitness than any in-house worker unless they have a proper training in the same. So, it’s a good idea to host workshops on subjects like stress at work, mental health problems, obesity, etc. at your office every now and then. A lot of times, the employees feel hesitant to discuss health-related problems with the HR in fear of embarrassment or discrimination. However, they are unlikely to feel reluctant with professionals.

Some other initiatives that are highly recommended include offering basic health checkups at the office, seminars on health risks, and creating a comprehensive health and safety program that takes into account various factors like workplace stress, indoor air quality, and hazards (chemical, electrical, and fire). You should also consider appointing a professional to make the workplace pet-friendly as 8 out of 10 employees say that having a pet at work would make them feel more happy, relaxed and sociable.

3. Hosting Team Events That Involve Physical Activity

Team building exercises should be an integral part of your organization as these encourage the employees to learn about each other (their strengths and weaknesses) and closes the communication gap which in turn boosts the entire team’s team productivity. It’s easily the most important investment you will ever make. However, you can increase the ROI on this investment by picking events that require some kind of physical activity.

Fun activities like hiking, camping, backpacking, outdoor fitness circuits can work as a breath of fresh air in the everyday lives of your employees who spend most of their time inside the office building. These activities can also be great stress busters and greatly uplift the mood of the employees.

4. Using Technology

Technology has taken health and wellness to a whole new level as today we have all kinds of apps and wearables that allow us to track and record vital health information such as heart data, fitness routines, sleep patterns, etc. By promoting these technologies in your company, you can make your employees more attentive towards their health in an appealing and interesting way.

There are many ways you can encourage your employees to use wearables. For starters, you can reward the best performing employees with these products. You can also subsidize these devices or partner with a company that manufacturers these to get them at lower prices.

5. Creating a Reward Program

It’s usually easier to get the desired outcome from someone when there is an incentive involved. This tactic can be applied to your health and wellness program too and you can incentivize your employees for taking good care of their health. The reward doesn’t even have to be extravagant. A gift voucher, early leave from work, etc. will suffice. The goals can also be made quite simple, such as:

  • Losing most weight in a week
  • Recording the highest number of steps in a day
  • Doing the highest number of pushups

A Healthy Workforce is a Productive Workforce

The strength or any organization lies in its workforce. If your employees are physically fit and emotionally strong, they will be more efficient at their jobs and help to create a positive work culture that encourages personal and professional growth. Thus, be sure to take time to devise the most balanced and comprehensive health program for your company. Good luck!