Low morale can lead to high employee turnover, poor productivity levels, and customer dissatisfaction.

To build an innovative, reputable business that routinely reaches its annual goals and exceeds its competitors, you must invest both time and money into keeping your team as happy as possible.

If you are looking for a little direction on how to maintain a happy workforce, here are five ways to improve employee morale in your startup company.

Acknowledge Your Employees’ Accomplishments

According to recent research, 70% of US employees are not fully committed to delivering their best performance. One of the reasons why employees might be unwilling to work hard for a brand could be due to poor leadership, as they might receive limited thanks for their time and effort.

However, leaders must remember that satisfied clients, a big profit margin and a reputable brand would not be possible without their talented employees.

That is why it is essential to acknowledge and reward employees for all their hard work, as it will encourage them to maintain the same high standards and can prevent them from leaving the business for a competitor.

So, present them with a monetary bonus or a gift for completing a big project, or thank them in front of the whole team for a job well done.

Find Ways to Improve Productivity

Long, mundane tasks can destroy employee morale and can kill passion for a business.

To keep both morale and productivity high, you cannot afford to overlook technologies that can perform monotonous tasks, so your team can focus on more crucial, creative areas of the business.

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Allow Employees to Pursue Passion Projects

Allowing your employees to pursue passion projects can provide them with a mental break from their daily responsibilities. It could also lead to your employees developing more creative ideas or identifying gaps in the market, which could help a business to grow.

For example, grant sabbaticals to allow talented staff members to embark on a much-loved hobby or allocate a few hours in their working week to help them complete a personal project.

Not only will it provide them with an energizing break from their to-do list, but they will appreciate your support and encouragement, which could lead to them working much harder for your brand.

Make Time for Fun

As your employees might spend a large proportion of their day at work, it is vital to regularly make time for fun, which can break up their daily routine.

Fun workplace ideas can include:

  • Treating your team to a bottle of beer or a glass of wine every Friday
  • Hosting movie nights
  • Monthly game days
  • A casual dress code
  • Allowing staff to personalize their desks
  • Organizing staff outings

The above ideas can prove you’re a laidback, thoughtful employer, and it can also help your employees to get to know each other on a more personal basis, which can create a happier workplace for everyone.

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Show Your Staff You Care

Research has also found that 75% of people who voluntarily leave a company don’t quit their jobs, they quit their employer. If you fail to take an interest in your employees’ lives and don’t acknowledge their birthday, anniversary or important milestones, they’ll naturally become disheartened with the brand and their role in the company.

Prove your employees are not just another number in your team by regularly showing you care. For instance, send them a thoughtful gift for a member of staff’s wedding, recognize their birthday, and ask how they are.

If you can prove you genuinely care about an employee’s wellbeing, they will go to the ends of the Earth to make your brand a success.

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