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According to the latest statistics, an average American changes his job 10-12 times during his career. This is one of the reasons that top companies are doing everything they can to provide fantastic work conditions to all their employees, especially their “A-players.” However, despite having great conditions, working for big corporations or fast-growing start-ups is far from relaxed. As this research shows, employees are burning out faster than ever before. But is there anything we can do to decrease the stress of our employees and support their well-being despite giving them top-notch tools and offices? 

Encourage Employees To Meditate

Meditation has been shown as one of the most effective ways to decrease anxiety, depression, and high-stress levels. If you really care about your employees, then we would suggest encouraging them to meditate regularly. This will be beneficial for your company and your employees. Besides, if you can afford to host morning meditation sessions for your employees, this would add even more benefit and make morning such sessions part of your vibrant company culture. 

Allow Them To Work From Home

We understand that not everyone has a type of job that could be done from home. But we all know that there is a number of jobs that can be done from home. We would definitely encourage employers to allow people to work from home from time to time. Working from home saves people lots of time and unnecessary stress, which adds a lot to their well-being. 

Let Employees Take 10-15 Minutes Breaks

Among other great things, Sweden is known for having excellent working conditions. Besides many activities that Swedish employers offer to their employees, they also have a so-called Fika. 2-3 times a day, all employees have to take a 10-15 minute break. They use this time to chat with their colleagues, grab a coffee or tea, and go for a short walk. This is a great way to make your employees relax a bit, and consequently, make their working environment more relaxing. 

Offer Employes Natural Anti-Stress Compounds 

Instead of placing expensive coffee machines all over your offices, why not offer your employees drinks or supplements that can improve their well-being and decrease their stress levels? Many fast-growing start-ups, especially in Silicon Valley, are known to provide their employees everything, from smart-drugs to high-quality nootropics, which help them work on such a high level for long periods. If you are searching for such natural compounds, then click here and learn more about the best options for your employees.

Take Care Of Work Environment 

If you have the resources for the redecoration of your offices, then we would recommend making your offices as bright as possible with lots of natural light and colors. It would be great to offer your people the best possible desks (that can be easily heightened for the standing-work option), high-quality chairs, computers, keyboards, and other necessary equipment. As soon as you manage to combine the high-quality equipment with a comfortable working environment, expect to see an increase in motivation and a decrease in stress and anxiety of your employees. Oh, and don’t forget about plants. 

How About Healthy Snacks?

We know that healthy snacks can increase our energy levels and make us feel better. Instead of offering low-quality junk food in your offices, we suggest investing funds into providing high-quality, healthy snacks of all kinds (fruits, healthy bars, etc.). While not everyone will be happy about changing their chocolate for an apple, eventually they should get used to the change. Especially when they will notice an increase in their productivity and decrease in their anxiety and stress levels.

We just covered six strategies that companies (or their managers) can incorporate in their business to decreases the stress of their employees, improve their well-being, and, consequently, make them more productive. We know that such changes aren’t easy, but they are very beneficial to companies and especially to their employees.  

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