Nobody wants to be miserable at work. The daily commute, toxic team members, an unsympathetic or unhelpful manager, or even just the awareness that you’re not doing what you’re passionate about, can all lead to stress and a general lack of joy in the workplace. Employers who commit to keeping their staff happy are few and far between, so if you want to really distance yourself from the misery and take charge of your own happiness, you might need to make a few changes to your life. We spend so much time at work that if you’re going into the office already resenting your own presence there, then these three tips might encourage you to take the first steps to securing your own workplace happiness.

Transform your mornings

It’s tough getting out of bed sometimes, especially if you know that you’re heading into a workspace that you’re not enjoying. The alarms get later and later, and soon you’re rushing out of the door with a hastily prepared breakfast still in hand. That’s the fastest way to ruin your whole day.

Allowing stress to have an impact first thing in the morning will set you up for a day of challenges, and if you want a happier workday, remote working. You could set your alarm 15 minutes earlier so that you have to time prepare for the day, or you could even take some time on the evening to prepare everything you need so that it’s ready as soon as you wake up. This can be a powerful motivator and can decrease stress levels quickly.

Refocus your career

Maybe you’re unhappy at work simply because it’s not a career that you ever wanted. If that’s the case, then no amount of early mornings are going to help, and more drastic steps might need to be taken. The old adage of ‘do something that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ remains a truism, and it’s worth living by. Consider what gives you joy, and if you decide that you’re never happier than when you are with children or animals, then consider taking steps to switch careers. Age is no excuse, and with a wide variety of job available to you, such as veterinary jobs, careers in teaching or the chance of being your own boss, you could soon be heading to a new workplace feeling much happier. If you don’t love your current job, then perhaps it’s time to get to work on finding a career that you do. Explore your passions, and your work life will be much more conducive to happiness.

Balance home and work more efficiently

If all you do is work, work, work, you’re going to struggle to find any hint of happiness in your day. Finding the right work-life balance is crucial to your well-being; neglecting your physical and mental health for the sake of a few emails is not going to help you lead a fulfilling life.

Of course, many jobs entail longer work hours, but if you want to improve your happiness levels, then you may need to start setting boundaries. You don’t need to slash your hours, but there may be obvious alternative options. Working from home has never been easier, and if your workplace allows for remote working, then it’s definitely worth trying it out. Escaping the commute gives you more time to ease yourself into the day, and the fact that you can work in your pajamas is always going to put a smile on your face.

Unhappy employees are unfocused and unproductive. Having a less than joyful workplace makes it difficult to get things done, and if your employer isn’t taking steps to tackle the issue, then maybe it’s time that you take charge of your own happiness. If it is not about the people you work with and more about the job itself, it’s time to start hunting for a new career.