Do you have a remote team? Your Fridays may not be as enjoyable as they can be. Having Friday rituals and routines brings your team together. From catered lunch to casual Fridays, and after-work activities, there is always something to do. However, things are different when you have a virtual team. 

Here are some great ideas to make Fridays fun when your team works remotely. 

1. Clear all Meetings

Consider making Friday a no-meetings day in your office. The policy takes the pressure off your team. They can focus on long-term tasks and projects with no interruption. This is not only fun but also practical. 

Having to drop everything for a meeting is never fun. It can be frustrating, and it slows your team down. Allowing them to work without any meetings on Fridays can offer much-needed relief. 

make fridays funPhoto by Andrea Piacquadio

2. Host a Lunch-and-Learn Session

You cannot offer lunch on a Zoom call. However, this doesn’t mean that you and your team cannot eat together. Consider ordering catered lunch and having it delivered to the homes of individual team members. A learning lesson can accompany every home-delivered lunch. Your team will be happy to learn and eat together even if they cannot do it in person. 

 Look through your local eateries and food delivery services and make the appropriate plans. Work with a service that can deliver to all your staff members. You may need to partner with multiple services if you have a large team. 

3. Take them On a Virtual Tour

Consider going on a virtual tour with your virtual team. Even though you cannot take your team on a real outing, virtual adventures can be just as fun. Consider going to a gallery, museum, or a local attraction. You could go exploring the city as well. 

If you want to get a bit more personal, consider taking tours of each other’s homes. It is a great way to connect and have fun. However, this depends on everyone’s comfort level. Homes are personal, and people may be unwilling to let the team in. 

4. Stretch Out

Consider using your Fridays as the day to work out and practice wellness. Bring in a trainer, and you can all work out virtually. At the end of a hard day, everyone will enjoy stretching out and getting some exercise. 

In addition to exercise, you can introduce other wellness tips for your team to enjoy. If you cannot work with an expert, try getting wellness tips on the internet. There is always something new to learn. 

5. Have a Silly Photos Thread on Slack

Consider having a silly photos thread on Slack for those Fridays when you want to be silly. The goal is to be goofy and have fun with the rest of the team. You can test out new looks, including dramatic hair color changes. Encourage employees to edit hair color, paint their faces, or make funny faces. The funniest one can win a prize. 

6. Pub Trivia

Who doesn’t love a good pub trivia? Your virtual team can enjoy it without going out. Invite everyone to a conference call and divide them into small groups. If your team is small, individual play may be a fantastic option. 

Come up with several rounds of questions that revolve around a central theme. Your themes could include culture, arts, pop culture, or fashion. Keep things fun, and don’t prolong the game. A session of one hour is enough to test everyone’s knowledge and have fun. 

 In conclusion, Fridays don’t need to be boring when you have a remote team. Take advantage of the above tips and make the most of your time.