Employees Feel Relaxed

Each year, there are numerous reports of how employees and their mental health are affected by negative workspaces that are repressive and anxiety-inducing. While most of these issues arise out of the negative impact caused by the managing authorities, there is also a significant connection between the work atmosphere and the mental health of the employees. So, apart from making your employees feel less stressed and anxiety-ridden in the office, here’s a list of simple ways through which you can create an enjoyable and fun workspace that will automatically uplift the spirit. Happy reading!

Flowers and Indoor Plants

Numerous studies prove that having flowers and indoor plants in the vicinity can drastically change and uplift the mood of those who are working. Not only do they make employees feel relaxed and less stressed, but they also increase productivity while making the workspace look welcoming and appealing. Numerous studies on this subject have concluded that the brain responds positively to the sight of flowers and plants, making them a must-have around any kind of work and office space, even if it’s at home.

If you’d like to purchase some fresh flowers to lighten up your office space but you can’t find time to head to the local florists’, check out this online florist that sells online flowers at an affordable price along with express delivery services. You also can order in bulk to avail of discounts if you’d like to have a flower vase set up in multiple areas in your office.

Celebrate the Small Wins

It’s common knowledge that people feel happier and work better when they’re appreciated for their small efforts and wins. You don’t need to save celebration and appreciation for when the company scores a big win, instead, make sure your employees feel recognized and celebrated even when there are small wins around the office. 

You needn’t go all out to host an entire party, but simply putting together an impromptu celebration with what you’ve got at hand and appreciating the individuals who have been working tirelessly for the company can significantly help your employees feel like they belong and are seen. Not only will this make them feel more committed to the workspace but will also help them associate the workspace with happiness and fun.

Get an Office Dog

There’s a reason why dogs are used extensively in therapy and other instances where individuals are in need of a stress-buster. Playing with a dog helps the brain relax and feel content by releasing oxytocin, the happy hormone. This is the reason why many colleges and dorms also have dogs that are around for students to play with, especially during exam season.

Having a designated area for the office dog where people can go to play with it when they need a break from office-related stress can help employees feel relaxed and enjoy coming to work, especially if they’re a dog lover. You can also buy some toys like softballs for the dog so the employees can play fetch or walk the dog around the office area when they’re taking their break.

Encourage Hobbies 

Far too often, offices treat their employees as if they were machines who have no lives and hobbies outside their workspace. This can greatly make the individual feel like their life and opinions are close to meaningless once they enter the workspace. To combat this, it’s a great idea to have them actively showcase their different hobbies and talents. This can be done through the means of having a time each week designated to relaxing and focusing on the talents and hobbies each employee may share. 

Photo by Leon on Unsplash