Employee Health & Fitness Month 
How To Avoid the Health Risks that Come with Desk Work

We are currently living in a society dominated by internet usage, and cybernated related tasks and job descriptions. Digital content is a driving force for success in many companies, and with this comes a number of employees sitting behind a desk all day long.

Besides meetings, there has been a large digression in person-to-person contact, and without social interaction, workers can become lonely or even depressed. Sitting behind a desk for too long itself just adds to this feeling, and can bring about many other health risks as well. If you are struggling to get out of the office to increase your activity level, check out these tips to put a pep in your step!

Walk Around the Office

The longer we sit, the more susceptible our bodies are to a variety of health problems. To ensure that your body is getting enough exercise throughout the day, take frequent walks around your office, or if you want a change in environment, take a stroll outside. Not only does this make your mind feel revitalized, but it prevents your body from having poor circulation or spine disk damage.

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Make these brief walks as frequent as possible, and if it is hard to remember, set a reminder for yourself using a fitness device like this one!

Find Exercise Events in Your Community

Interested in gathering your work team together for an exercise outing? There are exercise-related events happening all the time, and they are extra beneficial for desk workers due to their sedentary lifestyles.

Try a 5K run or and walk, or go to a gym or sports complex that offers a variety of group classes for individuals to take advantage of. If there are not many events happening in your area, be sure to organize one! An online event management platform makes it really easy to create a fitness event for your workplace, and allows you to track your financials and RSVPs too!

Take Lunch Away From Your Desk

It is vital that when it comes time to eat lunch, to take it away from your desk to refrain from staying seated more than you already have been. Not only can sitting all day lead to obesity, but also frequent brain fogs and stress-related symptoms as well. The healthier alternative to this is to take your lunch outside to eat with some coworkers. By doing so, you’re getting some extra steps in, and eliminating the risk of a brain fog from being cooped up in the office.

Stay Hydrated

Remaining hydrated throughout the day is essential to feeling your best. Without properly hydrating your body, dehydration starts to kick in. Feeling dehydrated and getting work done do not mix well.

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Keep a water bottle at your desk as a reminder to drink more water throughout the day. Check out these time increment water bottles that help you to track the amount of water you’re consuming every day.


Making these small changes can benefit your workplace lifestyle. Motivate yourself and encourage your coworkers to take small breaks from the office with the goal of creating an entire workplace of movement.

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