healthy workplace environment

The workplace environment can have a direct impact on the overall success of a business. When you can cultivate a positive workplace environment, it can help with key areas like morale, motivation, teamwork, performance and employee retention. No matter what type of business you run, this needs to be an area that you focus on and there are 6 key features of a healthy workplace environment.

1. Communication

In business (and life), communication is key to success. When those within a business can communicate efficiently and effectively, it can improve morale, helps teams to work together efficiently and ensure that managers can get the most out of their team. Communication should also be two-way and open where appropriate, for example, in team and 121 meetings.

2. Inclusion & Equality

Inclusion and equality are important not only in terms of giving people equal opportunities, but also for the success of a business. A company that is diverse and prioritizes inclusion and equality will benefit from people with different ideas, skills, experiences and backgrounds bringing their ideas to the table. Not only this, but it can make it a better place to work, reduce employee turnover and improve the company reputation. An inclusive workplace will help every employee to reach their full potential and therefore boost the performance of the company.

3. Safety

In order for employees to work to the best of their abilities and feel comfortable at work, they need to feel safe. This is particularly important in industries that have numerous workplace hazards. Therefore, it is essential that adequate personal protection is available for staff along with appropriate safety and emergency procedures. A strong safety culture can help to reduce the number and severity of accidents in the workplace, saving the company money through lower levels of absenteeism, legal fees and reduced capacity.

4. Balance

Employers that provide a healthy work-life balance for their team benefit from high morale, productivity and employee loyalty amongst other benefits. You can promote a healthy work-life balance by encouraging staff to take regular breaks in the day, ensuring people can leave on time and have flexible work routines if required. In recent years, the traditional 9-5 office routine has been disrupted, with employees now expecting more flexible and progressive work patterns as standard.

5. Opportunity

Most people have career ambitions and want to climb the ladder, so it is important that they are able to do this within your company or they may start to look elsewhere. You should know the goals of each team member and help them to achieve this, which might include role variation, training, feedback and promoting from within. Motivation is an important factor in employee productivity, so providing opportunity within a business can reduce employee turnover and boost performance.

6. Healthy Physical Environment

You must also pay close attention to the physical environment that you provide as this can have a huge bearing on morale, performance and employee retention. You can make your workplace healthier by maximizing natural light and fresh air, temperature control, plant life and ergonomic office furniture and equipment. Regular office cleaning is also essential for a healthy and productive workplace. With more employees now working from home, offering additional support through equipment and advice can help to ensure all employees are working in a healthy environment.

These are the 6 key features of a healthy workplace environment that will have a huge bearing on your success. Paying attention to these 6 areas and putting effort into each can take your business to new heights, improve work and life for your employees and make your business a much better place to work.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash