Are you confident, pumped up and strong all the time? I guess you are not because life is not a linear thing. Life goes up and down and takes you through a multitude of emotions and unexpected events.

As long as you are mostly on the UP side of life, “the down” side is only salt and pepper.

How to get above “the down” moments when you are not satisfied with yourself?

Remember the following 5 things and lift yourself UP:

1. You are not supposed to be satisfied all the time

Embrace the moments when you feel your performance is not the best. View those moments as opportunities to grow and improve.

Discover who you are and who you are not. Knowing these two things are allowing you to be the leader of your life no matter the moment you are going through, up or down.

Remember that when you are not satisfied with yourself is only the way your body and unconscious mind are pushing you forward. They are signaling you to change the status quo; raising the awareness that you can do even more and creating a deep desire for something different, for new and exciting things.

Go along with those feelings and emotions. Instead of getting depressed or sad or doubting yourself, get curious! Get curious about how many other things can you accomplish? What other skills can you master? How big can you dream?

2. Compared to 10 years ago you have grown

Actually, to realize how much you have grown it is enough to go back in time as little as a week, no need for ten years. Is it not? Aren’t you more skilled and knowledgeable compared to how you were last week?

Everything that is happening in your life is teaching you something. Every person that you come in contact with, has something positive to give you. Every day of your life is a new beginning and a new opportunity. And every day you are taking a journey of improvement and discovery.

Celebrate how far you have come. Notice, pay attention and give yourself credit for your successes and achievements. Don’t let them pass as if never happened.

I’m saying that because we have the tendency to focus on and emphasize more our failures rather than our successes. That happens because we don’t love gaining something as much as we hate to lose.

However, reframe those things you want and don’t have. Gather them under the cupola of NOT YET! Leave your door open to pursue and get what you want at the speed and pace you feel comfortable.

You have come a successful and long way so far, and whatever is not in your track record, it is not there YET!

3. You care less about what others might think of you

Did you notice that you tend to care less and less about what others might think as you advance in life?

It is the natural progression of things. You are more and more in control of yourself, your thoughts and behaviors.

4. You are learning from mistakes

Success is a journey with multiple pathways and roads. Sometimes, the path you are on doesn’t bring you the result to want.

However, even when that happens, you haven’t failed; you tried a way that doesn’t work. Learn from it and move on. Try again in a different way and then another way until you get the outcome you want.

Did you know that most innovations and discoveries are a result of mistakes? You don’t know what you don’t know; and what you don’t know that exists, you will discover by mistake. You can’t search for things that you don’t have the awareness what they are or where they are. Is it not?

Being afraid of failure is taking from you the desire to try, the curiosity to discover the unexpected, the confidence that you can cross over any obstacle (and, as you’ve done in the past, YOU CAN!)

Stay focused on your goal, your dream, your desires and know that whatever you will have to face, you will find a way to get through.

You fell, pick yourself up again. Don’t wait for things to happen to you or for you, make things happen. You have the power to do it, and all you need to add to that is your willingness to try.

5. You have people around that love and appreciate you

Yes, you are not perfect. None of us is. However, you are perfect for those who love you. You are perfect because whatever you don’t know how to do, whatever you need and can’t get by yourself, wherever you feel happy or sad, all of these things are creating and making room and a place for them in your life.

Give your loved one the opportunities and chances to show you they care, understanding, and love. Make them feel useful and important. When you need them, tell them so and they will jump to your rescue. They are always there for you, even when you don’t believe it, or you don’t believe in yourself.

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