improving employee morale

Whether good or bad, employee morale is infectious, making it one of the most important areas for a company to focus on. When a workplace has high employee morale, it is usually more efficient and effective. Not to mention, it’s just an all-around more pleasant place to work. Keep reading to discover four strategies for improving employee morale in the workplace.

Ask for Feedback

Open communication is incredibly important in business for a number of reasons. By letting employees know that they are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings, you’re making it clear that they are seen and heard, and that their opinions matter. Aside from welcoming feedback about their work experiences, it can be helpful to include them in conversations and decisions that will directly affect them. Some examples of effective questions you could ask include:

  • How do you feel about this company and your position?
  • How’s your department’s energy?
  • What are some of your biggest challenges lately?
  • What can I do to help?

Create an Incentive Program

Whether you decide to implement it as a short-term or a long-term program, incentives are a powerful way to improving morale and motivate employees. The type of program you develop really depends on your company culture and your employees, but some possible ideas are:

  • Give team members access to books that develop their professional skill sets. 
  • Offer classes and tutorials that are related to their position or responsibilities. 
  • Sign them up for an activity that interests them personally. 
  • Award employees with a gift card or discount.
  • Allow employees to work from home for a day.

Offer Employees Recognition

Employees that feel that they are appreciated for their dedication and work are often more productive and happier in their jobs. When companies fail to offer employee recognition, the performance and morale of even their best employees can start to slip. Regularly take time to recognize staff members for their tenacity, positive attitude, and hard work, and you will likely see:

  • Higher customer satisfaction. 
  • Improved employee morale. 
  • Increased loyalty to the company. 
  • Improved productivity. 
  • Better engagement across departments and employees.

Give Out Positive Notes

Even though a lot can be said for giving employees public recognition, sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that make the biggest impact. Taking the time to draft a handwritten note is a great way to express gratitude and encourage employees. In the workplace, we often rely on technology, whether it’s email or an app, to communicate. That’s why giving someone a physical note that thanks them for their work can have such a lasting impression.

Companies that prioritize improving employee morale enjoy a number of benefits that extend past employee retention. In fact, positive improving employee morale has been linked to better customer relationships and higher productivity. By learning and implementing key strategies, you can ensure that your workplace is fun and welcoming for each employee. Though these tips can be a great source of inspiration, remember that you can adopt methods that better fit your industry, staff, and company culture.

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