3 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Work

If you happen to be a pet lover, you likely have a fluffy friend that you share your life and space with. There are several benefits of having dogs, and they can add an immense amount of positivity to your life and wellbeing.

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Many businesses are becoming more accustomed to the idea of allowing employees to bring their dogs to work, which can, in turn, improve the welfare of their employees. In case you’ve been thinking about doing so, you should know that there are certain things you should prepare for beforehand. On that note, you’re going to find three tips on bringing your dog to work below.

Ensure They’re Healthy

It is imperative that before bringing your dog to work, you’re sure that they’re healthy so that both the dog and your employees are comfortable. One way to make sure that your dog is healthy is by checking that they’re up-to-date with their vaccinations. You can do this by visiting the vet on an annual basis and checking to make sure they’re up to speed and everything is okay.

Ideally, it’s best that you do this before bringing them to the office in order to mitigate any risks. Your visit to the vet is also a perfect opportunity to discuss your dog’s weight, the condition of their body, and their oral health as well. Remember that the office space isn’t a controlled environment, so if your dog is sick, it could affect other dogs on the premises too. If your dog is unwell, then avoid bringing them to the office until they are of sound health again.

Bring a Sufficient Amount of Food

Ensuring that your dog has enough food when you bring them to work is key. The last thing that you want is for your dog to be restless and hungry while you’re chiming away at work. You should, therefore, pack enough food that will last them the entire day. This could consist of carrots, grapes, salmon, CBD dog treats, peanut butter or cheese.

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The best time to feed them is when you take them for a walk during your break. You should also have a common water bowl area and avoid feeding your dog when other dogs are present. What’s more, to ensure your dog’s weight doesn’t escalate, you should speak to other employees and ask them not to overfeed your dog as this can be troublesome to their overall health. To help with feeding, schedule feeding times and have a rota so that everyone can see.

Make Sure They are Well-Trained

Another major tip if you decide to bring your dog to work is making sure that they’re well-trained; this is so you can avoid any accidents. The last thing you want is to come and check on your dog and realize that they have made a mess, irritated your fellow workers or made someone feel uncomfortable. You should, therefore, ensure that you teach your dog boundaries as well as appropriate behavior. This could include listening to commands such as sitting, coming, standing, staying, and learning when to leave things alone.

When training your dog, try and avoid aversive techniques and use positive ones instead. Remember, not everyone is okay with dogs. Some people can be afraid of them, so you need to, first of all, ask everyone in the office whether they are okay with you bringing in your dog, and if they are, whether they would prefer your dog to be kept away from them.

Taking your dog along with you to work can have several positive benefits as briefly mentioned above. Aside from lifting your morale, ensuring you drag yourself away from your desk for breaks, and potentially increasing productivity, it can be like getting the chance to bring your best friend to work for the day. It’s important, however, that you always remember to follow the proper etiquette and rules in the process. You do not want to cause havoc, and not everyone is okay with dogs, and so you need to know who may not be positively impacted by you bringing your dog to work.

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