HR Managers, Get A Jump Start On Hiring In 2018

We’re only a couple months away from 2018, and new trends in recruiting are already beginning to emerge. In the forecast we’re seeing a new generation entering the workforce, the importance of video marketing tools, new online resources and even new developments in applicant tracking systems.

Hiring managers should use the latest tools and tricks to help them attract top talent, which means knowing what’s ahead in the new year.

Make sure your branding is strong

Job seekers are more pressed for time and on the move, making your company’s brand that much more important. Are your company goals and vision in line and communicated in a clear and thoughtful manner? Can you represent or allow your candidate to experience your company’s unique culture?

According to Forbes, video marketing materials can boost your click through rate by as much as 200-300% and companies are hiring professional photographers and videographers to create storytelling campaigns that help to communicate a strong brand vision that will be effective in attracting even passive candidates.

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Use Online Resources

Do your research to see what new online resources are available for hiring managers in 2017, and what will continue to improve in 2018. New online platforms like Recruiters LineUp offer a hub where you can access a relevant blog with resources and advice for human resource professionals.

This resource makes the life of a hiring manager more simple, as you can find the most relevant recruiters and headhunters for your search, at no cost. Which will definitely help to reduce all those irrelevant resumes in your inbox.

The shift to employee power

Power continues to shift from the employer to the employee. With the rise of the “gig” economy, and more and more people working globally, competition is growing stronger every day.

According to Google Trends, the term “employee experience” has jumped 140% since 2011, confirming that the shift of power to the employee is continuing strong. Allowing for opportunities for training and skill development is crucial to retaining top talent.

Generation Z moves in

Generation Z, born between 1994-1996, is now currently 21-23 and entering into the workplace. Millennials sought meaningful positions and yearned to be a part of companies that were active in their local communities or made a positive impact in the world.

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Early predictions state Generation Z will follow in Millennial footprints and seek out meaningful work, flexibility and opportunity to travel, and changes in traditional work structure like working remotely. Likely traditional recruiting strategies will need to be adjusted to obtain top Generation Z talent– so be sure to give attention to your brand strategy, social media, and company culture.

Take a more holistic approach to the recruiting process

The recruiting process doesn’t start when you sign to begin working with a recruiter or headhunter, it likely starts a few months before you even begin the recruiting process. Likewise, the process isn’t over once a successful hire has been completed. Onboarding goals are a critical part of this process, once the candidate is hired– well, that’s just the beginning.

With the emergence of new, intuitive and integrative applicant tracking systems you can now choose a more customized system to fit your company’s specific hiring needs. Look for integrations with online professional platforms like LinkedIn, and to make in house communication more simple, try a G-suite integration. With a little research, your entire hiring process can be made more streamlined and effective.

The field of human resources is continuously developing and changing, and must remain adaptable to an ever younger and more global workforce. Ensuring branding is solidified, using the latest online resources, and understanding the process of recruitment from a more holistic stance will greatly help your chances of a successful hire. Remember, the perception of the human resources field is changing. No longer is the HR team just seen as the makers and enforcers of company policy, but rather as a part of the leadership team.

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